So here is what the box looks like:


The specs:


You are so lucky, they generously give you 5 worthless cards for your 99 cents! The chasers are radomly inserted cards redeemable for autographed jerseys, pucks, sticks, photos and more. Which even if I did land one of these (no chance in hell) this was put out in 2006, I doubt they would still honor it.


The treasure is the 1951 – 1952 Parkhurst set which is the Canadian equivalent to the 1952 Topps set. So I am guessing this is real big in Canada! Too bad I bought in in hockey y’all country (North Carolina). So here is the breakdown:



Ice Treasure Diamond Ticket – 1 : 400,000 packs
Autographed Mem. Redemption – 1 : 10,000
Autograph Card/Specialty Insert – 1:84
Star Player – 1:1
Other – 4:1

I guess I have to guess the star player since I wouldn’t know a hockey star if he kicked my butt. OK so here we go all 5 cards in all it’s glory!

  1. 1991 – 92 Pro Set Troy Murray Winnipeg Jets card 514Wow! How about that to start it off? Pro Set, I knew I was staring down quality when I saw the NHL logo in the corner! Sadly I think this is the star of the pack.
  2. 1994-95 Upper Deck Gregg Johnson Detroit Red Wings card 212ROOKIE CARD ALERT! It may even be worth a nickel or a dollar to Gregg Johnson’s family members!
  3. 1994-95 Upper Deck Zarley Zalapski Calgary Flames card 110Umm he is the only ZZ initialed guy in the NHL?
  4. 1991 – 92 Pro Set Dan Kordic (RC) Philadelphia Flyers card 553It was impressive that they put the rookie insignia over the Flyer insignia, but I still think this is bicycle spoke worthy.
  5. 2001-02 Upper Deck Victory Brad Richards Tampa Bay Lightning card 316How sad, not even an Upper Deck but an Upper Deck Victory set card.

So to sum up this pack:

Initial Cost (when new) – $0.99 2.5 stars the sub dollar price let’s you know this is going to be crap!

Cards in pack – 5 0.5 stars give me a chance to get at least 50 cents out of the pack!

Stars in Pack – 0 0 stars if I haven’t heard of you, you are not a star! Claimed a 1:1 chance of a star.

Beckett Value of cards in the pack – NA 0 stars Seriously? I can’t even move myself to look.

Design of card – Multiple kinds in here so see below.

Number of awful players in pack – 5 out of 5 cards! Outstanding!

Overall Rating . . . . 0.75 Stars out of 5

Not to shabby for some seriously bad wax out of the gate!

Card Design:

Originally I wasn’t going to do a card design review on this one, but what the heck.

Pro Set (1991-92): I like that it is basically a full photo, with the Pro Set emblem on top and the players name (white with black background) under the team insignia. However why wouldn’t you place his position on front of the card? I mean it’s just one latter and we would have all the information we needed on the front. I hate that it just feels like a cheep card, matte instead of gloss finish (just crappy so that autographs in sharpie suck on this card). Overall I give it 3 stars out of 5. The design is good, the value of the card is crap, but actually a nice set to look at (see example card below).


1994-95 Upper Deck:

Photo based card, which I always like, but very difficult to see the names, which sucks. For some reason, someone who isn’t color blind decided, “Hey let’s put the letters in gold over a smoke background”, the others at the table said, “ooooooo cooooool”. Earth to Upper Deck sometimes we like to know who the player is. I mean it is hockey and really not too many people care, but still. Annoying UD hologram is on the front and back, like someone is going to conterfiet these cards. Of course if they did who would care? It’s like a tree falling in the woods when no one is around. Overall 2.0 out of 5.0.


2001-02 UD Victory:

OK first off, 2 identical pictures of the same player on the front of the card. You know just in case you missed the first one. Also there is this puzzle piece like design seperating the images, I don’t get it, I can’t even chuck it up to the decade at the time like you could with late 80’s early 90’s cards. Glossy finish, but just a horrible design which was smartly scrapped after the last card printed. Overall 1.0 out of 5.0 Crap! It’s so bad I couldn’t find one picture of it on the web!

Please don’t forget to vote (see tab on top of site) as to whether I should try to get the best players autographs or the worst.  Nominate a best and worst please.  If you want to contribute to this site please buy my crappy packs 1 buck plus 1 buck to ship (2 bucks total) and I take paypal. Just email me at or leave me a comment!


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  1. Karl says:

    Hey, I bought around 30 packs of this stuff at my local Walmart and pulled the horseshoe! I got one of the Ice Diamond tickets. The funny thing is that they jerked me around for over 1 year on the whole presentation thing. At the beginning, I was supposed to be flown to a HUGE show where myself and the other 5 winners would choose a envelope that contained a picture of what we were supposed to win. Well, after 9 months of emails, they decided that this was not going to happen and that they would have a 3rd party pick the winning items. That took more than 5 months to do but eventually I received my package in the mail, a Bobby Hull Rookie Card SGC60! Obviously my investment was much less than what this card is worth, but this company is NOT very professional in the way they do promotions.

  2. Doug says:

    I bought a couple boxes far below the $20 box price and I still feel ripped off. The packs SAY 5 cards, but unless you buy a whole box, you might get 4, you might get 6. Not to mention that a number of my cards had corners so dinged I think they PLAYED Corners with them before they put them in the packages. Two of them had clear healvy fold marks with the same angle on opposite sides of the cards. Looks like a machine malfunction but they didn’t bother to toss the cards! Total horseshit.

    BUT to top it all off, I pulled a FLEER BASEBALL card out of a pack! Holey super crap card company Batman! They can’t even tell the difference between baseball and football! Lesson learnt. Won’t be buying any of these anymore!

  3. Ryan Gyenizse says:

    July 2013 and i got suckered into buying a hobby box for 25$ in a Canada Walmart…..i am a card collector and for the first post : Brad Richards ain’t half bad…but yeah…my box was the same as all of yours…cept the diamond ticket winner…..i know cards..and i would say by my estimates without actually pricing them..the box is worth about 7 dollars….now..thats if you find someone who wants to pay that much for some paper to start a fire….HORRENDOUS…this box is the worst i have ever even heard of , let alone opened…i am better off going to the dollar store and spending a buck on a pack of 25 randoms from a secondary company…seriously i will never buy that brand or companies products again in my life…WORST HOBBY BOX EVER!!!

  4. Mike says:

    I just bought a box of the Hockey cards for 24.92 +taxes. so over 30.00 for the box. At walmart. I was excited. Maybe I’d get a nice rc or something, maybe an auto. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! WOW, was I EVER wrong!!! I really wish we had recourse!!! This is just horrible rubbish to spend 30+ of MY hard earned dollars, and they think it’s ok to repay me with proset???????? I mean OMG!!!!!!!! I’m so angry!!!!!!!! If you know of ANYTHING I can do about this please LMK!!!

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