aaron miller ttm

Player’s Name: Aaron Miller

Player’s Current Team: Great Lake Loons (LA Dodgers affiliate)

Player’s Current Address: c/o Great Lake Loons, Dow Field, 825 E. Main St., Midland, MI, 48640.

Date Sent out: 8/5/08

Date Returned: 8/31/09  (26 days)

Why go after this autograph: Getting this signature brings me that much closer to my goal of obtaining all the first round picks.  There are a few key ones I am missing (Strasburg), but getting this one made me smile.  Aaron really came out of nowhere to end up being taken in the supplemental round.  He rewarded the Dodgers with a great first season in Great Lakes.  So far he has gone 3-1 with a 1.65 ERA and 34 strikeouts in just 27 innings.  I do believe that Aaron will be fast tracked to the majors, much like Kershaw was last season.  He has a lively fastball and a decent curve.  He needs to refine the curve and he should make it to the pros by the end of next season.

Any Current Certified Autographs Available: He actually doesn’t have an autograph card as of yet.  He is signing for one of the card companies as you read this so in next season’s release you should expect it.

2 responses »

  1. Anthony says:

    Which 1st rounders are you missing? I bet if you send to the AFL you may be able to grab up the last ones.

    Though, I am not 100% sure about Stras. I have a feeling Boras isn’t going to have him signing anything until he signs a contract with one of the major card companies.

  2. TTMautographcollector says:

    i had no idea he was at great lakes, dang why cant theminor leauge sseason be longer

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