toe nash auto

Name: Greg “Toe” Nash

Position: OF

Team: Tampa Bay Rays (retired)

Set it’s from: 2005 Topps 206

Serial Number: NA

How obtained: ebay

Why this Card?: I wrote about Toe Nash a few months ago <link>, a modern spin on the curious case of Syd Finch.  Except this one has a sad ending.  The story is so amazing and his fall was so great, I had to get one of his autographed cards.  This one was my favorites just because I always loved the Topps 206 design and set.  His story is a fun one and if you have time you should read the post I wrote about him which links to Peter Gammon’s take on him, “the greatest prospect I had ever seen”.

But What About the Set?: 2005 Topps 206 boxes run about 125-130 bucks. They contain 20 packs with 8 cards per pack. You get two game used cards (patch or regular) and two autographs.  You also get 10 rookie cards per box. It’s a real nice value for your money and I have always loved this set for it’s design.

Beckett’s Value: $5

eBay Value: I paid the eBay minimum of $1 + $2.50 shipping.


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