hextall ttm

Player’s Name: Ron Hextall

Player’s Current Team: Retired (known for playing with the Flyers)

Player’s Current Address: 570 29th St., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Date Sent out: 12/3/08

Date Returned: 9/9/09  (280 days)

Why go after this autograph: I hadn’t gotten a through the mail back in about a week, so when I saw this one in the mailbox I was thrilled.  Hextall is one of those iconic players from the 1980s and 1990s that I will always remember.  What a gritty guy, he wasn’t afraid to mix it up.  He was always good for 25 – 30 wins a season and it was always fun to watch him.  Especially when the flyers played the Rangers or the Devils.  Known to me and my friends as Ron Hexgoon, I loved watching him fight.  I think if he wasn’t a goalie, he would have been an excellent defensiveman.

Any Current Certified Autographs Available: He has a bunch of them out there since he was one of the more popular players of his generation.  The autographs go  anywhere from $15 – $75 depending on the release and population.

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  1. deal says:

    The Flyers have a great alumni network and often have former players signing autographs in the Wachovia Center lobby pre-game. Bernie Parent is a constant and there are often other players there.

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