A few weeks ago I did a recap of all the key pitchers up for the Rookie of the Year award.  Today let’s take a look at all the hitters in both the AL and NL who are up for the rookie of the year award.  First, let’s take a look at the NL’s crop of emerging hitters:

  • Chris Coghlan – Marlins – 0.306/9/40/71/7 – He has definitely risen to the top and has made a heck of a case for NL ROY.  Not only has he been torching NL pitchers for hits, he is one of the main reasons the Marlins haven’t completely collapsed.
  • Gerardo Parra – Diamondbacks – 0.291/5/54/54/5 – He has had himself a great season establishing himself as a starting outfielder for the D-Backs.  His numbers are only going to get better.
  • Casey McGehee – Brewers – 0.306/15/57/50 – Goodbye JJ Hardy, hello Casey McGehee.  The Brewers have two holes at 2nd and short, with the emergence of McGehee there is now only one hole.
  • Andrew McCutchen – Pirates – 0.271/11/47/57/16 – He came out on fire but has since cooled down a bit.  Still he is one of the best young two way hitters in the game.
  • Colby Rasmus – Cardinals – 0.259/14/47/64/3 – We all knew he had the power, he needs to concetrate on his average at this point.  He is going to be very good, it’s only a matter of time until he becomes a force in a very potent Cardinals line up.
  • Garrett Jones – Pirates – 0.304/19/38/36/9 – Has the most homers and the 3rd best average of all the rookies.  Could very well sneak into the picture of ROY, but likely won’t because of lack of at bats.
  • Dexter Fowler – Rockies – 0.269/4/33/63/27 – Came in this year as the hitter to beat in the NL.  Although he has had a nice season, it’s not as good as some of the other candidates.

Let’s take a look at the AL crop now:

  • Elvis Andrus – Rangers – 0.277/6/32/63/26 – Clearly Elvis is the cream of the crop when it comes to hitters.  He got off to a very slow start but really turned it on and has proven he can steal a base or two.
  • Nolan Reimold – Orioles – 0.277/15/45/47/8 – While Elvis is the one with buzz, Nolan is the one hitting the bombs in Baltimore.  He is going to have a better career than Andrus, but Andrus has had a more impactful season.
  • Gordon Beckham – White Sox – 0.277/11/53/47/7 – He has really turned it on in the past two weeks hitting 3 homers and 6 RBIs.  He is my favorite to win the award, but I know he is not going to win it.
  • Matt Wieters – Orioles – 0.267/5/26/24 – Before the season started he was being handed the award.  Things didn’t work out too well for him this year, but with the amount of pressure he had on his shoulders he handled it well.  I like his chances in this league, but not as Rookie of the Year this season.

If I forgot to mention a hitter up for the award, please let me know as a comment.  Do you think any of these hitters have a chance against the clearly superior pitchers in both leagues?


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  1. Great picks there. I don’t think that there is any way that an every day player wins in either league, there are just way too many great rookie pitchers out there. That said, if I had a pick it would be Chris Coghlan in the NL. He has stepped up huge. It is cliche to say, but he doesn’t play like a rookie…Garrett Jones for me is the biggest surprise rookie. When all of the dust settled in the Pittsburgh fire sale, he was there and has hit consistently day in and day out. Not as flashy as his team mate, but way more consistent. Nolan Reimold would get my vote in the AL. Same reasons as Coghlan. He is a player, a hitter. He’s veratile, and he can hit. Look at how many shutouts and pitching gems he has ruined this year. Still, it’s gonna be an All-Pitcher ROY this year.

  2. max j says:

    i think if pablo sandoval hadnt have lost his rookie status last year he would have won hands down.

  3. scott says:

    I agree Beckham is a monster. I think his soph year is going to be huge for the Soxs. I am still amazed how fast he blew through the minors

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