sbaron ttm

Player’s Name: Steve Baron

Player’s Current Team: Pulaski Mariners (Seattle Mariners affiliate)

Player’s Current Address: Off for the fall, you can try their training facility in October.

Date Sent out: 8/5/08

Date Returned: 9/14/09  (40 days)

Why go after this autograph: Getting this signature brings me that much closer to my goal of obtaining all the first round picks.  There are a few key ones I am missing (Strasburg), but getting this one made me smile.  Baron is considered one of the better catchers in the draft this year.  I originally tried him at home, but then he signed so I sent it to Pulaski.  I guess he waits until the season is over.  It’s a nice signature but if I had it all to do over again, I would try and use less dark on the card.

Any Current Certified Autographs Available: He actually doesn’t have an autograph card as of yet.  He is signing for one of the card companies as you read this so in next season’s release you should expect it.


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