Some of you you know me through Facebook might know that my birthday is today.  I am now the ripe old age of dirt.  Every year, my wife and I try and out do each other in purchasing presents for one another.  For me, I have gotten her anything from jewelry to handbags, but usually I need a little guidance. My wife is the same way when it comes to my gift, usually I pick it out for her (even order it for her).  We decided that this year we would try something different.  This year I would get her something with no help from her and she would get me something with no help from me.

For her birthday I walked into her favorite jewelry store and got her a nice natural ruby pendant and necklace.  For days I wondered if she would like it, but when I finally gave it to her, her eyes said it all, she loved it.  Fast foward to today, now it’s my birthday and I have to admit I was very curious as to what she would pull off.  Usually her presents are spectacular, so there was a rather high bar for her to achieve on this one.

Well, I got a card in the mail today in the shape of a baseball, my present, the announcement that I will be getting two years of Baseball America.  For those of you who don’t know, I read the magazine religously, and even though they are in my town (actually around the corner from where I work).  There is only one place in the Triangle where you can get the magazine and it’s far from guarenteed they will have it every two weeks.I have long wanted to get a subscription to it, but at nearly $70 a year,I just couldn’t justify it.  So you can imagine how stoked I was to find out that I will be getting it for not only 1 year, but 2 years along with access to their exclusive stories on their website.

I just want to publically say thank you to my beautiful and amazing wife, who not only puts up with my blogging (which believe me can get quite tedious I assure you), but she also supports me in my quest to get autographs, go to games, buy cards, you name it she is always there.  So Mrs. Chemgod, I hope you are reading this, thank you so much for the “gift of baseball”, you truley are the best wife out there!


8 responses »

  1. dave h says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Brian says:

    Have a very Happy Birthday!!

  3. CPAdave says:

    Very cool gift and I agree, Mrs. Chemgod sounds like a real keeper. Happy Birthday.

  4. PunkRockPaint says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Drew says:

    Happy birthday man!

  6. deal says:

    Love BA – Great Gift – Happy Birthday!

    and it’s always good to know the wifes favorite jewelry store.

  7. dayf says:

    Happy birthday dude! Enjoy the reading…

    • chemgod says:

      Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, it was an awesome day and the best part of it will be posted tomorrow . . . stay tuned!

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