Last week I was visiting my wife’s family in Virginia.  There were several big box stores as well as hobby shops.  Of the two hobby shops I went to, one was sold out of UD’s Goodwin Champions, the other one had never heard of the brand.  I am not sure as to how a hobby shop that specializes in cards doesn’t know what that product was but I assure you he had no idea what I was talking about, I had to show him pictures of it on my phone.  Yesterday I took a trip to Target with my wife, and decided to cross my fingers to see if there were some blasters.  To my delight there were.  So I scooped up a blaster and was amazed at what you get.  12 packs for $19.99, seems like a pretty solid deal to me, especially since the designs are fantastic.

So here is a scan of the highlights of the blaster:

goodwin base

goodwin hitsUnlike a lot of people I felt that Upper Deck had a better year.  Two fantastic sets, first was OPC baseball and second was the Goodwin Champions.  Both I consider to be sets that I would go after to complete.  Back to Goodwin Champions, it’s been a long time since I looked at every card in the blaster I got.  It’s just that every card was a work of art and now since I am doing a lot of custom cards I realize how tough it is to do some of the stuff they are doing. I love the main set, the mini parallels are fantastic, the game used card was nice looking (although I hate basketball so if you want this one just let me know).  I didn’t like Citizen’s of the century, maybe because I got a Tony Blair card as my first one.  Also the I hate the 20th anniversary cards as well, I feel as though they may be more annoying than Mickey Mantle home run cards from Topps.

So here is how I am going to break it down:

Design: 10/10 – It’s a set that is totally unappreciated, and UD did a great job bringing it up to today’s standards.  I would have enjoyed more profile shot cards and less one color backdrops, but I understand how things work.  That being said, it takes a lot for me to read every card and the design helped me do that.

Blaster Content: 9/10 – If I were in charge of the production, every pack would have an insert.  Especially with so many parallels, why not? It’s cheaper to make the smaller cards.  Other than that, I felt this was a pretty solid blaster.  A black border mini of Wayne Gretzky and a Michael Beasley game used card were nice returns on my $19.99.

Collectability: 10/10 – Like OPC and A&G, this one is going to be very popular with the secondary market and very popular in the stores.  With hobby boxes running $90 and promising an autograph, two game used and 20 minis, this is good value for the money.  Also with so many parallels it is going to be fun collecting this set.

To sum it up, that’s a 29/30 in my book.  I was looking forward to this set for months now and I am so glad that UD didn’t let me down.  In the end I got 38 base cards, 6 regular minis, 1 black border mini, 1 game used, 1 20th anniversary card, and 1 Citizens of the Century card.  In my mind, it was a great box break and a set that I am looking forward to finishing.

What did you think of the set?


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  1. VOTC says:

    Love Goodwin!!

  2. Mike says:

    Amen! Finally a positive review of the product. I love it and have had fun opening up my packs. All the cards look great. The relics are starting to wain my interest a bit, but at least I was lucky enough to get players that I collect. The on-card autos are nice, and I think that the minis and their parallels are pretty decent too. I am definitely chasing this set.

  3. Cory says:

    Is that the Tony Blair rookie card. Sorry, but I jut won’t pay for cards with stuff like that in it. It’s pretty though.

  4. Offy says:

    I love the design and the retail packs are a good value, but the hobby packs just aren’t worth the cost. You’re paying almost a dollar a card and at least half of the packs have the annoying 20th Anniversary set as the 5th card. That’s a terrible value. I’ll buy the blasters because I do enjoy the look of the cards, but I won’t go near the hobby packs.

    • chemgod says:

      Most of the blaster reviews I have seen comes with one super SP and one game used or autograph. If they don’t have the autogamer, they tend to have two super SP cards.

  5. Shawn says:

    I was debating about opening up this product. Everytime I was at target I passed on it. I opened up a box over the weekend and I do not think that will be my last box. I pulled a Pujols memorabilia card and some nice looking stuff. All in all good break for the money.

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