Now I do not normally do posts about basketball related items, but I think it’s funny and kind of sad, that rookie autographs are inherently worth more than veteran’s autographs.  Being a memorabilia collector, I have bats, balls, footballs, pucks, helmets, jerseys and even hardwood floors signed. The blogger who writes the blog Packs To The People <link>, has taken signed memorabilia to a whole new level.

You have seen the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich <link>, and you know about the NBA signing an exclusive contract with Panini <link>, and you even know that Blake Griffin is the hottest rookie autograph in basketball <link>.  Well, blogger Andrew decided that he was going to get himself a Blake Griffin signed panini, then get it authenticated by Upper Deck.  The video of the whole process is here:

Andrew did convince Blake to sign both halves of the panini sandwich, he then got it authenticated and it even says panini on the UDA certificate, which just makes me laugh about the irony there.  Andrew goes on to eat one of the halves of the Blake Griffen signed panini sandwich to “absorb the power of Blake Griffin”.  The other half of the panini was frozen, then put up for auction on eBay <link>.

With over 5 days left in the bidding process, the Griffin Panini Auto (just love saying that), is at almost $150.  It really is fantastic, just to see Blake’s look when Andrew asks him to sign the sandwich, then goes into detail about how he wants to eat it and absorb the power of Blake Griffin.  As I said earlier, I am not a basketball fan, so I would have little to no use for this, but it is an interesting story.

Would you pay that much for a certified Blake Griffin Panini Autograph?


5 responses »

  1. chemgod says:

    Whoever got this on Fark, thank you very much!!!

  2. PunkRockPaint says:

    Tremendous idea!

  3. TOMSEAVER says:

    This guy needs to absorb some serious psychiatric help.

  4. gobigpelf34 says:

    WOW, that was funny. but now that i think about it. idiott!

  5. Steamo Love says:

    My offseason training plan is osmosis.

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