When I got back into the world of card collecting in 1999, there were tons of different brands and releases, but one of my all time favorite releases is Upper Deck Ionix.  UD went with a colorful tech theme for the cards.  The brand had a baseball, football and basketball release.  There were on card autographs and serial numbered rookie cards.  The brand was only around for the 1999 and 2000 years, but boy did it make a lasting impression on me.  Here is what the autographed cards looked like:

I believe the autograph hits were 3 per case and that the serial numbered rookie cards fall a few per box.  The serial numbered rookie cards look like this:

Most of the autographed cards can be had for under $5, there is a Tom Brady signed rookie card that goes for big bucks.  These are indeed bad wax to the extreme, but I guess you can call it my guilty pleasure.  The baseball boxes can be had for about $30 each, the football ones run about $40, and basketball runs about $20.  Given some of the autographs in this product (including MJ on card autographs), it’s not a bad deal.  You just have to love the funkiness of the cards though.
Did you ever collect Ionix?  If so what did you think of it?

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  1. jswaykos says:

    I liked ’em, but I liked most of the crap that came out in the mid to late ’90s so perhaps my opinion isn’t worth much!

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