beltran patch

Name: Carlos Beltran

Position: OF

Team: New York Mets

Set it’s from: 2008 Upper Deck SPX

Serial Number: 81/99

How obtained: eBay

Why this Card?: At first I thought this was a fake, but the more and more I researched, I found out that it was indeed a real patch card.  I loved the way it looked, and to top it off, it has the black jersey instead of the white or gray one.  When I set out to build a patch collection, I wanted one patch from each team and the only player on the Mets that I really wanted was Beltran.  Beltran will finish his career with 350 homer and 350 stolen bases, which should put him in some elite company.  Easily one of my all time favorite patch cards.

But What About the Set?: 2008 SPX boxes run about 110 bucks. They contain 10 packs with 3 cards per pack. You get 10 autographed or memorabilia cards per box, including one patch.   At about $10 a hit it is really worth the money.  Unfortunately I am just not a fan of the overall design.

Beckett’s Value: $20

eBay Value: I got it for a $3.75 plus shipping.

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