Mike is the author of a new blog entitled Canadian Chewing Gum Company <link>.  I found it as I was looking for other custom card makers.  His cards were so intriguing that I had to interview him for the site.  He uses vintage card designs such as Goudey and A & G, and makes his own memorabilia cards.  Everything from woolly mammoth cards to cut signature / clothing fold out cards.  He has promised to mail out to me one of his cards and I will be giving it away as a freebie on one of my Monday night giveaways.

Here is my interview with Mike:
1. What spurred you on to start creating your own custom cards?

I started doing my own customs about 2 yrs ago as a hobby  to get autographed by hockey prospects in junior hockey, and other sports who did not have cards. As well as for a cheaper alternative to the major brands on the market.

2. Have you considered putting out your own set?

It has been something I have always considered but never really put much work into doing. I am working on a small set of 30 cards of the top prospects for the 2010 NHL Draft.

3. Where do you get the items for your cards, (for example the woolly mammoth hair).

I buy the items I use on the memorabilia cards from various reputable dealers on eBay.

4.  How do you decide how many copies to make of each card?

Just depends really on how much of the item of memorabilia I have to work with.

5.  About how long does it take to make each card (once you have everything printed out)?

Each take takes a few minutes to put together. I take the to sides and glue them together with a index card in the middle to add some stiffness to the card, and if any windows need to be cut for memorabilia this is done as well then the cards are cut to size. The average card take 2-3 minutes to complete and a lot of glue sticks.

6. What kind of paper do you use? Printer?

I get all my cards printed at Wal-Mart on Kodak photo paper, this gives them a great finish and look.

7.  Are you considering doing some sports memorabilia cards (like patches or numbers)?

Yes, I am always thinking a new ideas to do and am always checking eBay for memorabilia to use and make into cards.

8. How do you encapsulate the larger objects, like civil war bullets?

The civil war bullets are attached to the cards using a putty that hardens and holds it to the card and they are stored in plastic card cases for protection.

9.  What do you do for a living?

I am a photographer and work for a local grocery store

10.  How often is your blog updated?

I hope to make the updates to the blog a daily thing.

11.  How often do you come up with new cards?

I am always thinking of new ideas for cards, and making and playing around with new designs on almost a daily basis.

12.  Do you have any favorites as far as brands and sets currently?

I am a fan of vintage looking sets with a simple design, and vintage cards and this reflects onto most designs i do. The old Allen & Ginter’s, Goudey and Parkhurst Hockey are among my favorites.

13.  Being from Canada, are there going to be hockey releases?

Yes, there will be some hockey releases coming in the near future. I have a 2010 Draft Prospects Signature Card design that i am working on.

14.  Anything else you want to share with the readers out there?

Be sure to check the blog daily

Everyone of Mike’s creations are for sale on eBay. I don’t get anything for talking about his blog. I just was impressed with the work he does.

caponemarylin monroe used

presidential hair


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  1. dave h says:

    Very cool cards. Good to see some Canadian content on here Chemgod!

  2. The cards look really nice. Isn’t there a copyright issue if he’s selling these though?

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