In the sport of hockey, every once in a while you hear about a kid who is quickley becoming a scoring legend.  I am certain you have probably already seen the video, but if you haven’t here it is:

His name is Oliver Wahlstrom and he is only 9 years old.  He plays for the Portland Junior Pirates, and he is already playing with the 12 year olds to get better competition.  Last season he had 50 goals in his first 13 games.  He has been skating since he was 3 years old and had been practicing that trick shot for 5 months.

Some of the NHLers who saw that said they couldn’t do it now.  Like Wayne Gretzky and Sidney Crosby, sometimes you get a whiff of news about a local hockey legend before they even turn 10 years old.  I think this is one of those times.  It’s not like hockey doesn’t run in his blood.  His dad Joakim is a former Swedish Elite League player.  Anyway you shake it, Oliver’s world just got turned upside down.

He is still years away from the junior ranks and even further away from college.  For now we just have to watch his score goal after goal, and to check up on him periodically on the internet.  You know next Topps A&G is going to have him on his own card, but until then, I created one.  When asked if he has signed autographs he replied that it’s tough since his is still just printing his letters.

oliver wahlstrom certified

I like this picture of him the best, because it’s like the calm before the storm.  Plus how many kids can claim they got to skate on the famous “B” on center ice of the TD Garden.  Should I send a through the mail request?  That might be a tad over the top, even for me.


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  1. Jason says:

    Just imagine getting A-Rod or Puljos to sign way before they were famous….that would be the most unique signature out there. The only way it would remotely be OK is if you had a 9 or 10 year old that could write as a “pen pal”. It would probably be your best TTM EVER if he turned into a hockey God.

    • chemgod says:

      I could imagine the request right now,

      “I am writing this for chemgod jr. We made you a custom card and it would mean a lot to him if you could sign and send it back. It’s OK if you print instead of signing since you are still learning cursive. . .”

      One question though, when you send it in for authentication about fifteen years later, will JSA or PSA authenticate it?

  2. Bill says:

    I say send him one, with a bunch of extras for the parents and teammates. Why not?

  3. Dion Soskin says:

    Saw in SI this week he is making a decision on Auto’s since he only knows how to print!!! nice

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