First off, don’t get upset, I am not stopping my blog, instead I am going to transition it back to what I set it up for in the first place.  Originally I wanted the blog to be a celebration of mediocrity in all sports (except basketball because I am not a fan).  By mediocrity I mean, players that had a solid but understated career.  I also enjoy talking about players of the past who were very good in their own rights, but never showed it on a major league level.

I find that lately I really enjoy the stories of players that should have been stars or at least more repsected.  Everyone can do a story about a superstar.  How many posts do you see about Albert Pujols, Derek Jeter, Adrian Peterson, Mark Sanchez, or even Alex Ovechkin? Plenty, which is why I don’t want to touch on them.  I want to hear about the journeyman quarterback, or the fourth outfielder, or even a backup goalie.  Those are the “blue collar” players, the ones that might want to sit down and share their story with you.

One of the reasons I love profiling those kinds of players is that I can interact with them and their families through email.  Nothing is more fulfilling than getting an email from a player’s family member thanking me for my post.  They always ask if I need anything from them, but really just hearing their stories is enough for me.  Of all the posts I have done, I always get the most response from these posts, so I know people enjoy reading them.

Do not fear, I will definitely keep posting the free autograph signings every Friday and Sunday, as well as my through the mail successes, and if I can ever get another one to bite, Craiglist Idiots.  As far as discussing new products, I will do that from time to time, but the focus will be about the forgotten player, at least for now.  I hope you continue to stop by the blog daily and learn something new about a player you may have never heard about.  Now for the fun stuff . . .

Free Custom Made Relic Card

About a week ago I did a story about a blogger who makes his own custom cards.  Well he was nice enough to send me one to give away on the blog.  I have to tell you, the card looks fantastic, very well put together and just a great overall product.  The one he gave to me to give away is this one:

All you have to do to enter, is to leave a comment telling me who was your favorite mediocre player? It can be from any sport, I am just curious who your’s is.  Deadline is Sunday night at 8pm EST.  Good luck!  By the way my favorite all time mediocre player has got to be Wally Joyner.

To see other custom cards he has done visit his eBay store <link>.


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  1. Tim Dustin says:

    My favorite mediocre player of all time would have to be Shaun King of the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He led his team to an awesome game winning drive against Green Bay back in the Warrick Dunn days, and I was convinced the dude was a star. Unfortunately no one else was.

    Baseball-wise, it’s gotta be Rafael Belliard. Guy batted .221/.270/.259 with two homeruns for his career, and he still kept getting at bats. For 17 years. Thanks to his slightly above average defense. That’s mediocrity at it’s finest.

  2. Greg Layton says:

    My favorite mediocre player is Darren Daulton. I actually met him on my 10th birthday, in January of 1993, just a few months before the Phillies made the World Series. We were bowling in the same bowling alley when my uncle introduced me to him and handed me a piece of paper so I could get his autograph.

    Dutch’s claim-to-fame is that he lead the league in RBIs in 1992. He also hit a homer in game 4 of the Series, a 15-14 slugfest that was obviously overshadowed by Carter’s game 6 heroics. The rest of his career was a constant battle with his knees, he had numerous knee surgeries that eventually lead to his retirement after winning a ring with Florida in 1997.

    He’s since gone on to be a certifiable psycho along the same lines as Lenny Dykstra… but I prefer to remember his playing days when I look at his cards.

  3. reoddai says:

    John Garrett – Backup Vancouver Canucks goalie – In 1983 he was voted MVP of the NHL All-Star game at the end of the second period. Later that game, in the last 10 minutes, Gretzky scored 4 goals and a re-vote was held. Can you guess who got the free car? “It was something like his 13th car; it would have been my first,” says Garrett.

    “Mediocre” players have the weirdest things happen to them.

  4. marbaseball says:

    Johnny LeMaster. I remember watching him when he was with the AAA Phoenix Giants. He made it to the majors and somehow played for 12 years with a .222 lifetime batting average.

    • tomseaver says:

      My favorite mediocre player was Steve Deberg who was primarily a backup QB but he had some amazing games with my favorite team, the Chiefs. I remember some games when he played with a cast so big, it looked like he was holding a loaf of bread.
      For baseball it would be Ron Swoboda just because I love the Mets and he made the most unbelievable catch ever in the 1969 World Series.
      For hockey I’d go with Gilles Villemure because he was the back up to Giacomin but I think he was just as good. He never complained and was a real team player.
      I don’t like basketball either but I’d go with Bobby Jones of the Sixers because he was an all around player who got overlooked because he was on the same team as the great Dr.J

  5. Sean says:

    My favorite mediocre player is Cliff Floyd of the Montreal Expos/Florida Marlins/Montreal Expos/Boston Red Sox/New York Mets/Chicago Cubs/Tampa Bay Rays/San Diego Padres. He is a one-time All-Star and one-time World Series Champ. He sports a lifetime .279 batting average and is 230th on the All-Time Home Run list. Truly a mediocre resume.

    So why is he my favorite? During his time with the Mets, even though his numbers might not support this and it might just be selective memory on my part, it seemed he was always doing something good. Making that run saving catch, driving in that go-ahead run. Plus I liked his attitude.

    My favorite thing about him though is that during the 2006 season, when his knees were shot to hell, he switched his at-bat music to the theme from Sanford and Son.

  6. ig4mer says:

    I not sure if Kyle Korver is considered a mediocre player but he always gets flack for being one dimensional,3 point shooting. But he a underdog who works hard and is down to earth. He is always doing his part in the community he is in. I read somewhere a while ago for every dollar he spends he donates the same amount to charity.

    I also like Brian Scalabrine because he is like the mascot of the Celtics and I admit he may be the worst player in the NBA right now.

  7. Mike says:

    hmm, I would say my favorite mediocre player has to be Dan Dickau from Gonzaga. a true journeyman. Has played for the Atlanta Hawks, the Portland Trailblazers, the Golden State Warriors, the Dallas Mavericks,to the New Orleans Hornets, to the Boston Celtics, BACK to the Trailblazers, then the New York Knicks, and now rumor has it that he was just cut from the Phoenix Suns roster. And actually he was traded on draft night from the Sacramento Kings.

    Dickau is a serviceable player, and a helluva stand-up guy off the court, but i think some players are just cursed with “journeyman-itis”, and unfortunately he has that stamp on his file.

  8. Christopher says:

    Philadelphia Flyers RW, #19 Mikael Renberg! I loved watching Renberg play with the Flyers – especially on the Legion of Doom line with Lindros and LeClair. That line was dominate; the way they would cycle the puck and score. They were such a big line, they were so hard to stop; there were some nights when the line would have 15-17 points in one game! I also loved watching Renberg skate, powerful strides as he came racing up the right side, and he could bring the heat with his shot. I loved watching him play; he’s my favorite.

    • Christopher says:

      Let me just add that I still play NHL ’99, for the original Playstation, with 1997 rosters, so that I can be the Flyers and play with Renberg and the Legion of Doom in their prime. That’s right, I said it, NHL ’99 for the Playstation 1.

    • Dion Soskin says:

      Great choice I love that line also to the point that my second sons name is Eric Mikael he is 13 now only wish they would have brought the Fing CUP home to Philly i’m still waiting for the third cup i’m 43 so you do the math it’s been most of my life waiting for #3 maybe this year GO FLYERS!!!!!!

  9. Rod says:

    My favorite medicore player would be Tim Flannery of the Padres. Tim was always there for multiple playing somewhere on the diamond, picking up any gloves that were laying around. Now he coaches and records wonderful music.

  10. Dion Soskin says:

    My favorite mediocre player is none other then Dave Kingman growing up outside of Philly everyone loved Carlton and Schmidt who I could not stand due to meeting them and them having such great personalities I desided to become a Mets Fan because I could watch the games on WOR channel 9 and they where rivals of the Phils so it fit with that said Dave Kingman was always up against Schmidt for the HR crown the problem was he could not field and he hit like .220 and would strikeout more then connect but I loved him anyway the other guy was Tom Seaver but as a hall of famer guess he’s not mediocre LOL. I would love to add the wooly to my collection. Thanks, Dion

  11. Peter Graham says:

    My favorite mediocre player is/was Ralph Garr. I just loved his hustle, good #’s, good speed and his always used a huge bat that looked bigger than him.
    Thanks for having another contest.

  12. Chuck says:

    My favorite midiocre player has to be Archie Manning – that’s right – all-time New Orleans Saints QB and dad to Payton and Eli. Runner up is Archie’s teammate – Dan Ambramowitz.

    If any athlete can live vicariously through the success of their kids – Archie can.

    While we are on the subject – check out my custom cards at CHUCK’S USED CARDS blog.


  13. Scott says:

    cecil fielder

  14. jl says:

    Ricky Jordan of the Philadelphia Phillies, had a lot of potental in the early 90’s, always fun to watch.

  15. Jason says:

    Orlando Merced for me…..I thought he was going to be the next big star to carry the Pirates back to glory but he just fizzled out. I was hoping he would pick up the flag after Barry left. I also like some of the crappy guys on the late 80’s Indians….Pat Tabler, Brook Jacoby, Cory Snyder, etc.

  16. Pat Onstad says:

    former 1st round pick Dan Smith

  17. Drew says:

    How bout Scott Brosius from the Yanks in the 90’s, he had some huge homers for us! Thanks! And, uh, is that really wooly mammoth hair? I may sound like an idiot but, uh, if not, uh, what is it? Thanks for the contest! Drew

  18. Shayna F says:

    My favorite mediocre player who is actually still playing in the MLB has to be Jermaine Dye. I’m a huge A’s and White Sox fan, and hes always been an underestimated clutch player. Also a really nice guy. He wasn’t very mediocre in 2005, though, when he helped the White Sox win the World Series. He was the WS MVP that year.

  19. Bill says:

    Matt Stairs, formerly of the A’s, Jays, and now with Philly.

    His “coming to the plate” music at Skydome (Rogers Centre) was the Stone Cold Steve Austin Theme Music…..breaking glass etc….they are twins, separated at birth!

  20. AJ H. says:

    It is a toss up between

    Dick Trickle (Nascar) How could you not pick that?


    Voshon Lenard (ex. NBA, most notably the Heat. I remember he lit up Michael Jordan one day for like 45 points). Also, he ruled in one of the video games as a 3 point threat.

  21. Larry Brewer says:

    Julio Franco
    Jeff George
    Calvin Pickering and brother Kelvin Pickering

  22. Shaun says:

    As an old Whalers fan I gotta say Kevin Dineen. The guy was an all around great player. Its too bad that he’ll have to live with the unofficial retiring of his number at the ol’ Civic Center as the Hurricanes will never give him the credit he deserves.

  23. kevin says:

    Lou marson who was on the phills but now the indians he is a tank

  24. jumper48 says:

    Bobby Hebert- Played for the Saints in the 80s, that should cover it right there.

    Jay Buhner- The Bone!

  25. John says:

    Mark Grace

  26. Anthony Gutierrez says:

    My favorite all time journey man is Mark Hendrickson. He was originally drafted into the NBA by the 76ers. He traveled around to the Kings, Nets and Cavs….Afterwards he decided to change “professions” and debuted into the MLB in 2002 with the Toronto Blue Jays. He has journeyed through the Majors with the Rays, Dodgers, Marlins and now with the Baltimore Orioles. I met him at Yankee Stadium. He was real down to earth and we talked about his tenure with the Nets and his family. Great guy and a blue collar guy down to the tee!

  27. night owl says:

    Favorite mediocre player? Probably Mickey Hatcher.

    Do you remember watching him run around the bases during the 1988 baseball playoffs? A maniac.

  28. My favorite mediocre player was/is Rich Aurilia. He was decent for a while with the Giants, but is a career .275 hitter. For a while, he was my favorite player on the Giants!

  29. Shane says:

    Dan Wilson of Seattle Mariners

  30. Matt W. says:

    My favorite mediocare player of all time is Joe Blanton, or Matt Stairs of the Philadelphia Phillies.

  31. jim (gcrl) says:

    bill russell. the shortstop, not the celtic.

  32. Johnson says:

    My favorite mediocre player would probably be Russ Ortiz of the San Francisco Giants before he hit free agency and seemingly went downhill.

  33. calicokidcards says:

    My favorite would be from the mid 80’s – Dan Pasqua. When he came up with the Yankees, he was just bombing the ball out of the ball park. It lasted only a short time, as he was later sent to the White Sox, where he played until he retired in 1994. It was not just because of the HR’s that I liked him, but because he was from the next town over. Not may player come out of “YO” to play for their hometown team. Even today, as I bust some junk wax with my son (yes, i still have a few ’89-’90 junk) i put his card aside and keep them. Even if he is on the White Sox on the card. One day, i will send it out for a TTM.

  34. Merlinsleeve says:

    Baseball: Retired: Rance Mulliniks, Current: Greg Zaun
    Hockey: Retired: Nick Kypreos Current: Vesa Toskela
    Basketball: Retired: Jerome WIlliams JYD, Current: TJ Ford
    Stadium: Metrodome
    Team: Winnipeg Jets

  35. Dustin says:

    Sweet Lou Whitaker. Does he count as mediocre? Questionable. The hall of fame, I guess, thinks that one of the best second baseman of all-time, not to mention a player who had a cameo on Magnum P.I. is indeed just mediocre.

    I fondly remember my first baseball game I attended. When Lou came up for bat, the crowd started booing. That’s what I thought as a nine-year-old kid. I asked my dad why everyone was booing the batter. He told me they were not saying ‘boo’ but ‘Lou.’ What a sound, to hear thousands moaning that baritone syllable.

    Anyway, great player. Loved his career. Not a flashy one, but always strong.

  36. Brian says:

    Manon Rheaume – You have to give her a lot of respect for what she was able to accomplish. She never quite got there though.

  37. dave h says:

    Rob Deer

    As a tiger fan it was bittersweet every time he stepped up to the plate. As a career .220 hitter expectations would be pretty low if it wasn’t for the fact that it seemed like every hit he did have was a home run! He hit 20+ homers in 8 consecutive seasons while also leading the league in strikeouts for 4 of those years. I feel that he is the definition of a mediocre player because he was pretty much a one talent player, but one could really appreciate that single skill.

    • chemgod says:

      Dave, I was a HUGE Rob Deer fan, I picked up nearly 200 of his rookie cards, my friends and I were sure he was going to be the next big thing!

      • dave h says:

        Wow! I always hoped but we know how that story ended. Did you every try and get his autograph TTM? I would be interested in trying if you had some success.

  38. chris says:

    mark bellhorn! First cub to hit a homer from both sides of the plate in the same inning

  39. casey says:

    Melky Cabrera.

  40. GoTigers68 says:

    Bobby Higginson. The guy posted a 113 career OPS+ and was the face of the Detroit Tigers for 11 horrible years; he finally gave up baseball in 2005 at age 34 and of course missed out on the Tigers’ magical run to the World Series the following year. Class guy who never got enough credit in my (incredibly biased) opinion.

    • dave h says:

      Home run Higginson!

      Agreed, I knew someone that spent a bit of time with him and they said he was a real class act and very genuine.

  41. Michael says:

    As a Diamondbacks Fan, that award has to go to Craig Counsell – with the awkward stance and the heart of our championship team…

  42. Scott says:

    As a Mets fan, my favorite mediocre player was Gregg Jeffries. I was enthralled by his gaudy numbers coming up from the minor leagues, but he never did make it to the big time. Remember the rage after the 1988 Donruss, Topps, Fleer, and Score cards. His numbers were all mediocre at best.

  43. Shawn says:

    Baseball would be Larry Walker, Injuries robbed him of even better numbers
    Football – Rich Karlis (Kicker Denver Broncos) Met him at a mall when I was 10. He was a very nice person.
    Hockey – Nikolai Khabibulin. I started collecting him because I thought his first name was Khabby and his last name was Bulin.

  44. Merlinsleeve says:

    Brent Gretzky – Not sure how I didn’t think of him. He only played 3 games in the NHL (Tampa) but spend a lifetime playing in the minors and fighting to get out the largest shadow cast in hockey. His brothers, Wayne.

  45. David says:

    My Favorite mediocre player was Joe McEwing of the Cardinals and my team the Mets. Joe hustled his way into the bigs after 6 or 7 years in the minors. He batted .251 career but backed up every position except catcher and pitcher. He rarely made an error. He epitomized hard work and determination. Broke my heart when the Mets did not re-sign him.

    I also like how Cory Hart plays the game. He would be my active selection.

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