Like it or not Vince Young is one of the most polarizing players in the NFL.  Either you hate him and want him to fail, or you like him and hope that someday he might be as good as Steve McNair.  Personally I hope he lives up to some of the flash he showed in college.

Currently the Titans are in a world of trouble.  Their coach is on the hot seat and is clearly not a fan of Vince.  Their starting quarterback (Kerry Collins) should have retired after the season he had last year, instead he parlayed it into a lucrative contract for at least this season.  His numbers have been abysmal.  Finally the owner of the team (Bud Adams) wants Vince back starting at QB, figuring that at this point we might as well see what he’s got before he files for free agency.

Coach Fisher at this point is nearly half way to being fired, so does he piss off the owner more by benching Vince for Collins?  Probably not, Fisher might be a hot head sometimes, but he isn’t a dummy, he knows that starting Vince would be the right thing to do.  He also knows that Vince will more than likely fail in his return, which in the end would leave two upset QBs, one for being benched, the other for knowing he isn’t an NFL caliber player.

So far in his career he has put up 4964 yards with 22 TDs and 33 Ints. Also he has put up nearly 1000 yards rushing and 10 rushing TDs.  His career passer rating is 67.8.  When he came out of college he was known for being a 3000/1000 guy.  WHere he could average 3000 yards passing and 1000 yards rushing in a season.  Those kinds of quarterbacks don’t last in the NFL, never have and never will.

So the Titans tried to convert him into a pass first QB and that led to an awful 2007 season where he had 9 TDs and 17 interceptions.  In 2009 he injured himself in the first game and was named the backup quarterback (to Kerry Collins) ever since.  Vince should get his shot on Sunday, probably in a relief role as Collins should get the start.  Can Vince be a solid NFL quarterback, my gut tells me no.  He is far too emotional to handle the pressures associated with being the on field leader the Titans need right now.

In short, I think Vince has reached the end of the road. These next few starts should tell us what he is capable of.  His name alone will probably get him at least 3 more years in the league, but his days as a starter are probably over.  As far as his cards go, people are still paying a premium to get them.  Autographs for the most part run about $20 – $30 each and game used runs about $10.  I expect these numbers to drop significantly over the next few weeks if he comes out look ing as bad as he did in 2007.  I will always remember him as one of the best college players to ever play the game and that National Championship game vs. USC might go down for me as one of the best single game performances of college football history.

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  1. ToddUncommon says:

    I think he may make an impact in the NFL, but probably the kind that leaves a crater.

    I don’t hate or like the guy–it just goes to illustrate how far extreme athletic talent can get a player in college without a speck of discipline or mental toughness.

    Young seems destined for the same NFL bust-heap as Tim Couch, JaMarcus Almond Russell, and Cade McNown.

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