His name is Grant Desme.  He was a 2007 second round pick from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  His last season in college he won the triple crown for his conference, hitting 0.405/15/53, so the A’s knew he could hit, the big question was, could he handle professional hitters?

After he signed in 2007 he went to play for Vancouver but injured his hamstring just 12 games in.  After rehabbing it, he came back in 2008 only to injure himself again very early in the season.  2009 arrives, a year and a half into his career, with only 12 games and 49 professional at bats under his belt.  The A’s were excited to see what he could do when healthy.  Well Desme certainly rewarded them this season.

This year, he split time with Kane County of low A and Stockton of high A.  He finished the season with acombined 0.288/31/89, also he was a nuisance on the basepaths with 40 stolen bases.  A true 5 tool athlete and Billy Beane and Billy Owens are just gushing over the season he had.

But wait there is more! Much more, he was assigned to the Arizona Fall League this off season and has just been on a tear over his first 10 games.  He is batting a whopping 0.469/10/22 and averaging nearly a home run  every 5 at bats.  He is only 4 homers shy of the all-time home run record set by Brandon Wood.

From a hobby perspective he only has a few autograph and they are split between Just Minors and TRISTAR, most on eBay were selling at a premium as of the time of this post.  Most were around the $20 – $25 range.  Since he is really early in his career, it might be premature to issue a buy on his stuff, but if he continues to light up pitching like he has been, you will see him in the majors very soon.


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