I know a lot of you out there are thinking to themselves, who is Joe Thomas and why should I care?  One of the biggest shames in card collecting is the forgotten offensive lineman.  A lot of my favorite players have been O-lineman and they get little to no credit.  However their running backs a quarterbacks get a lot of credit.

Joe was drafted in 2007 by the Cleveland Browns with the 3rd overall pick.  He played his college ball at Wisconsin and helped quite a few running backs rise to obscene rushing yards.  During his senior season he won the Outland Trophy (given to the best offensive or defensive lineman) and was named an All American.  During the 2007 NFL draft instead of going for all the glitz and glamour of being at the  NFL Draft live, he chose to go fishing with family.

The Browns this year are a very bad team.  They have no offensive leadership and their biggest playmaker is a return man.  There is one bright spot, Joe Thomas.  Joe has started every game for the Browns since entering the NFL, and has been named to two Pro Bowl and is well on his way to another.  He even finished second to Adrian Peterson for the Rookie of the Year Award in 2007.

Last season he had what is known as a perfect season for an offensive lineman, he didn’t let up one sack.  On a team as bad as the Cleveland Browns that is very impressive.  The good news is that the NFL and the writers understand that Joe could be one of the best offensive lineman not only in football right now, but to ever play the game.  His play has not gone unnoticed and he will only get better with time.  I fully expect him to someday be in the Hall of Fame and to be remembered as one of the best offensive lineman to play the game.

As far as his cards go, he has plenty of both low-end and high-end.  As expected since he is not playing a glamor position (QB /HB / WR), his signed cards and patches go for low dollar.  The exquisite patch autograph card below can be had for just $5.  Not too bad for someone who might become one of the best OT in the game. Not many people like OT cards, but I for one am a big fan of the great ones and Joe Thomas is going to be a great one.

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  1. I’m a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan. This season is excruciating. Joe has, indeed, been one of the very few bright spots. He even shut down Jared Allen in week one.

    I’d love that patch for 5 bucks. As a baseball collector I rarely look at football cards. But, after this I might look into some of Joes.

  2. justin says:

    lucky me i know joes parents so I can get 1 thing signed a year by him!

  3. kris says:

    While I was putting together my little Vintage Football Collection, I realized that offensive linemen are dirt cheap and that I freakin’ love ’em.

    They sort of sneak up on you. I’ve done 5 offensive linemen so far out of 14 players! it’s insane.

    Three bucks for an early 50’s HOF just doesn’t seem right, even if he’s a lineman.

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