Now I love watching the Hurricanes even though they really stink this season.  This guy I am absolutely certain is fed up with the team and is watching his collection value plummet.  So hey it’s Christmas time and this would make for an awesome gift for any Hurricanes fan.

Hurricanes autos and jersey cards – $200

03/04 Premier Edition Eric Staal rookie autograph card

05/06 Glacial Graphs Cam Ward rookie auto

06 In The Game Chad Larose rookie auto

07/08 Bap double sigs Erik Cole/Ray Whitney auto

07/08 BAP AUTO Scott Walker

07/08 BAP AUTO Justin Williams

07/08 Bap Auto Eric Staal

07/08 BAP AUTO Tuomo Ruutu

07/08 BAP AUTO Rod Brind Amour

07/08 BAP AUTO Cam Ward

07/08 BAP AUTO Ray Whitney

07/08 BAP AUTO Erik Cole

06/07 BAP AUTO Scott Walker

08/09 BAP AUTO tuomo Ruutu

08/09 BAP AUTO Tim GLeason

08/09 SP Sign of the Times Zack Boychuk rookie auto


08/09 Trilogy Eric Stall Jersey/auto 061/100

07/08 UD Ice Frozen Fabrics dual jersey Eric Staal

07/08 O-Pee-Chee remnants jersey 3 piece Eric Staal 068/100

07/08 UD Eric Staal jersey (series1)

08/09 MVP 2on2 Jerseys Staal/Brind Amour/Lecavalier/St.Louis

08/09 UD series 2 Eric Staal jersey

05/06 Spx Hockey Eric Staal/Just Williams jersey 039/350

07/08 Fleer Eric Staal jersey 002/100

08/09 Artifacts Eric Staal/Cam Ward jersey 069/100

08/09 artifacts Eric Staal Treasured Swatches dual 30/50

08/09 Ud Series 2 Brandon Sutter rookie jersey

Dual 06/75

08/09 artifacts Frozen Artifacts Cam Ward dual jersey 017/100

05/06 UD Cam Ward rookie jersey

08/09 Treasured Swatches Cam Ward dual 091/199

07/08 Fleer Erik Cole jersey

08/09 UD Tuomo Ruutu jersey

08/09 Sp Gameused Edition Tuomo Ruutu triple jersey 01/25

07/08 Ud Rod Brind Amour jersey

07/08 O-Pee-Chee Justin Wiliams triple jersey 058/100

08/09 UD Black Letterman Patch Rookie Tim Conboy “O”from back of jersey 110/399

$200.00 ,this is for all listed and i have a few other singles ill throw in too. Will not seperate this collection for someone wanting a single. If you are a dealer, the same price for you as well, price is firm. Reply by email.if you’re serious i will contact you.

Great Christmas gift for that certain Canes fan ! Sure.they’re having a tough time right now,but, they will come back strong, they always do.

First Take – I don’t even have to email this guy to know that he is a complete scammer.  You get 16 autographs and 21 game used cards (37 total).  At first glance 37 cards for 200 dollars or just about $5.50 per card.  Not too bad except for one thing, among some of the better cards (Staal) there are some stinkers, not worth the card they are printed on.  So I think I’m going to take the $3 an autograph and $1 a game used approach and offer, rounded to $70.  I think that is a fair price.

The Emails:

Me: Man the Canes really suck, how about a hometown discount?

CI: haha yeah they really have it bad this year.  No the price is $200 firm.

Me: Have you gotten a lot of offers on this one?

CI: Yeah, but no one has come close to what I want.  What is your offer, I am assuming you have an offer.

Me: Well my offer is 70 bucks, 3 dollars each for the autographs and a dollar each for the jerseys.  I think that is fair.

CI: Wow that’s a low ball, are you serious, do you know anything about cards?

Me: Nope not a thing, but I know that if I go on eBay I can get it cheaper.

CI: Ha you go right ahead and give it a shot I doubt it.  When you come to your senses let me know.

Me: So what if I upped it to $75?

CI: Unless its 200 then no way.

Me: How about $80? I came up $10 at least you can negotiate with me.

CI: Dude, fuck off, and quite wasting my time with this shit, you are probably a scammer anyway.

Me: You’re right, what I like to do is pay for what a card is worth.  To me the card is only worth what I would pay for it on eBay.  What if I had offered $150 would you have taken it?

CI: 150 is still not enough, go to hell asshole.

Me: Already been there talking to you, good luck trying to dump a crappy team’s worth of cards.  Do you also have the 2008 Detroit Lions team set?  No I bet you wanted too much for those as well.

CI: Try peddling your shit somewhere else. See ya shithead!

Me: Thanks for listening to my shit bonehead. Good luck unloading your crappy collection.

End of Emails

Conclusion: All things aside, it’s Craigslist, it’s all about the discout.  Don’t even post an ad if you aren’t willing to negotiate.  The 200 wasn’t a horrible price but right now given how horrible the Canes have been it’s the equivalent of buying last year’s Detroit Tiger cards, or this year’s Washington Nationals cards (without Strasburg).  The market is just crappy right now and it’s unrealistict not expect people to negotiate.  This one wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be, but we can’t have awesome ones all the time.

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  1. Tim H says:

    I wonder if he can get me a whole Cleveland browns team set for 200.00? Ya know the one that comes with the dog pound edition. GOD I HATE IDIOTS LIKE THAT.

  2. Jay says:

    Im sorry I think you have very good blog, but what is the purpose of this?

    If you decided to sell your collection someday, and you were loyal to a certain team wouldn’t you try to get the most of what you paid for?

    If your going to negotiate with him at least meet him halfway. I think you are also making an assumption as to the reason why he is selling his collection in the first place. He could have just fell on hard times, and needs money to fed his kids.

    I understand that this is your blog, and If I offended you in anyway my bad.


    • chemgod says:

      What can I say, sometimes they come out good, sometimes bad. You are entitled to your own opinion.

      • Tom says:

        My opinion is you’re a little cunt who would never try this shit in person for fear of waking up in a hospital shortly thereafter, wondering, “fuck, what happened?”….

      • chemgod says:

        Of course the same could be said of you.

      • Tom says:

        I’m not the one who goes out of his way to be an obnoxious troll and fuck with people online for his own amusement and the amusement of a group of slope-browed, mouth-breathing mongoloids who think he’s funny, bitch.

        I’m sure when you’re throwing out that tired old, “what I can pay on ebay” while you’re intentionlly messing with people, you’re factoring in s/h, right, schmuck?

        Something tells me no…….

      • chemgod says:

        No one puts a gun to your head and tells you to read them, if you don’t like it then don’t read it. Now quit cha bellyachin’!

      • Tom says:

        I notice that’s not a denial of your being a useless fucking troll who has nothing better to do than fuck with people who are trying to make an honest buck….something you’ve probably never done in your life, princess….

      • chemgod says:

        Your right Tom, I just a useless piece of shit. So to sum it up, today we learned:
        -I’m a troll.
        -I’m a princess (although I have never heard of a princess troll)
        -my readers are “a group of slope-browed, mouth-breathing mongoloids” (nearly a half million strong bitch!!)
        -I’m a little c@nt (that backs up the princess comment).
        -No way I could survive the first punch in a fight (of course if I’m a princess troll you might be right).
        -Finally I have health insurance since I got to spend a night in the hospital.

        Tom I wish all my readers were as sharp as you. You my friend are the reason I blog everyday. I just love making people like you smile.

      • Ed says:


        You are a little bitch. Shut the fuck up.


  3. Jay says:


    I went back, and read some previous ones. Im still cracking up!.


  4. JB says:

    Hey – I’ve read your whole archives, and I love this stuff – particularly about the junk wax. But, I buy a lot of cards on EBay, and I think $200 is a very fair price for that lot. I’m not sure how much to read about the short-term performance of the Canes this season, but Staal and Ward particularly have some legit talent. Reasonable minds, and all, but something about this didn’t seem anywhere near the level of the usual $1000 for a box of unidentified late ’80’s cards.

  5. dave h says:

    Definitely a reasonable asking price. Not a canes fan myself, but I wouldn’t say he is really “ripping” anyone off.

  6. Chris says:

    It still turned out pretty good even though this guy didn’t give you much material to work with like some of the other guys. Good to see C.I. back keep it up! P.S. check out my new blog

    • Tom says:

      Speaking of mouth-breathing mongoloids…..

      One pathetic cunt encouraging another useless bitch to troll craigslist sellers for the hell of it…..

      It seems this village has more than its fair share of Idiots, fuhget about Craigslist……..

  7. furiousd says:

    Kind of agree with original posters $200 for that lot isn’t Outrageous. It isn’t per se “junk wax” either. I’d probably say $100 is the fair price for this lot…regardless, your posts are entertaining as always. Keep up the stellar work and watch out for those Cane Cards

  8. Frank says:

    I think Tom is the guy from San Francisco , the guy that was trying to unloaded junk wax for $3,000! 🙂

  9. mtcards says:

    All kidding aside, there are enough scam morons on Craigslist than to fool with someone who is asking a somewhat reasonable price. Yes, he wouldnt negotiate and yes he came off an asshole first, but honestly, his price isnt that bad from a retail standpoint. Many people would rather keep their cards than sell at a certain price.

    Selling 80’s wax for thousands..yes…thats a joke, but if you total up shipping and the time bidding, etc. ect. I would be willing to say that the cards he is selling would cost in the $100-$150 range on ebay, so what he is asking is not outrageous. Bothering this seller is not what this “Craigslist Idiots” have been about in the past, which were hilarious, bothering this seller is doing just that, bothering a seller

  10. Sal says:

    Wow, how did I miss this one?

    Craigslist Idiots is what put this site on my radar in the first place. My girlfriend and I joke about CIs all time–thanks for making us laugh.

    While I don’t think the seller’s price on this ‘Canes card lot was outrageous, what surprised me was how vulgar the seller quickly became.

    And as for Tom…I just got my Master of Arts Degree (3.8 GPA). I guess that makes me smart for a mongoloid, no?

  11. todduncommon says:

    Is a Craigslist Idiot the same as a Craigslist Douche Nozzle?

    Although this particular example of a CI was a weaker target (it’s not like he was asking for $500), he was pretty quick to jump on the profanity bandwagon. If a guy is incapable of expressing himself like a rational human, then expressing himself like a frog-raping monkey is not much of a slippery slope.

    Keep up the good work, Tom.

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