guyle fielder ttm

Player’s Name: Guyle Fielder

Player’s Current Team: None (retired)

Player’s Current Address: Home in Phoenix, AZ

Date Sent out: 9/18/09

Date Returned: 11/12/09 (55 days)

Why go after this autograph: This is a very special through the mail success for me.  I wrote about Guyle a few weeks ago and made a custom card of him <link>.  He was the first professional player to ever attain 2000 points.  His name among the old time hockey players is put up there with the likes for Gordy Howe and he is in the Hockey Hall of Fame.  I highly recommend getting his autograph, as he is part of hockey history.

Any Current Certified Autographs Available: Not a single one, he does have a trading card though as mentioned in my original post about him.


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  1. tomseaver says:

    Congratulations. That card looks great too. I recently got a card back from Mr. Fielder too. I sent to him after reading your post about him and he signed for me in about two weeks. I asked him if Keith Allen, who was with him in Seattle, ever tried to get him in Philly to play with the Flyers and he replied that he was too old at the time the Flyers started and Keith Allen never called. That is a shame because Philadelphia and the NHL would have loved him. Thanks for letting us know about the amazing career of Mr. Fielder.

  2. Kerry says:

    That is awesome! What a nice guy to sign through the mail for you…

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