It isn’t often that I am able to write about a Seahawk.  This season has just been miserable.  They have beaten the rotten teams they should have beaten and get destroyed by all the other teams.  At this point I’m hoping they keep on their losing ways so that they can get a decent draft pick.  They definitely won’t make the playoffs and the need serious help at multiple positions.

One position they seem to be fine at is running back.  With Julius Jones and Justin Forsett, they have a good running game.  The problem this season has been the offensive line.  Facing a pretty bad Rams front four, and with backup Justin Forsett starting for an injured Julius Jones.  He had himself a great game.  Rushing for 130 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Two weeks ago he ran for 122 yards against Phoenix.

Julius Jones is expected to return soon (either this upcoming week or the following week).  However with Forsett averaging over 5 yards a carry on the season, Jones may have to split more carries with Justin.  As far as if Justin is a starting NFL back, that remains to be seen, but I think he is on a roll and sometimes when it comes to the NFL it’s all about the streak.  Right now Justin is streaking.

His cards on eBay are starting to go up in value.  The one  card pictured below is running about $7 .  The idea that he will become their feature back seems like a longshot to me, but he is hitting holes extremely well and is running very well.  Up over the next few weeks, he will have a few tough run defenses.  I would wait to see what he is going to do next.  I think a $1 to $2 would be fair right now.  If he strings together a few more good games though, look out his card could go up big time.

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