It seems like every year we get something like this, embarrassing pictures of an athlete.  Earlier this year we had some very scandalous photos of Rangers power hitter Josh Hamilton <link> getting smashed while he danced with some girls.  Earlier this week we found out that Grady Sizemore’s girlfriend’s email was hacked and some naked pictures of him have surfaced all over the web <link>.  Since the majority of my readers are men, I will refrain from posting the pictures on this site, but if you want to see them just google ‘Grady Sizemore’, and I’m sure they will show up.

Since the photos were released to the internet, both Major League Baseball and Grady Sizemore himself have threatened legal proceedings to any site that won’t remove the photos.  I believe Deadspin has already pulled them from their website. Of course the real question isn’t how the email got hacked or even finding the person who posted them on the web.  No, the real question is how the heck he could take semi nude photos of himself and send it electronically.  Has it ever happened where the photos don’t show up somewhere?

Sizemore has a legion of female fans, named Grady’s Ladies Sisterhood <link>, and the person who perpetrated this crime is not thought to be apart of this group.  Instead it is a lone stalker who has haunted both him and his girlfriend for months now.  Sooner or later they are going to catch this woman and when they do, you know the hammer will be dropped on her (no pun intended)

Grady had a rough season last year.  After having an incredible season in 2008 where he hit 33 homers and stole 38 bases all while batting 0.268, big things were expected from him this season.  Due to injuries his season was limited to 436 at bats, and he hit 0.248/18/64/13. I look at those numbers a just a blip on the radar, although his strikeout rate increased, which has been somewhat of a problem for him.  It’s something that can be overlooked when you are belting nearly 40 homers a season, but not when you hit 18.  This year will be key for him as he comes back from a tough injury and also these racy photos.

In the hobby world, Grady’s autographed cards are running between $15 and $30 and some like the one pictured below are fetching $150+ on eBay.  Clearly his values are down from last year, when his autographed cards were selling more in the $40 – $60 range, but you can bet he will be back next year.  He is only 27 and should be entering the prime of his career next year.  I fully expect a 0.270/35/110/35 season from him with an outside chance of a 40-40 season.  Right now might be a good time to buy his cards as they may have hit rock bottom for him.

I wish Grady the best of luck removing the photos, but with MLB backing him with legal readiness <link>, I think they can make this mess disappear.

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  1. deal says:

    Among players under 30 he isn’t quite Albert Pujols, but he is in pretty close company.

  2. Jay says:

    Thats what happens when you email naked photo’s of yourself. Im actually questioning how they got out? His girlfriend? How does someone hack your email?

  3. Grady is my favorite player and that card is at the top of my want list. I have a feeling that Grady will bounce back.

    However, his BA has dropped for 3 straight seasons and his Ks are concerning. As long as he keeps his OBP up those things can be tolerated. I guess we’ll see what happens. Hopefully Grady will be a bright spot in what is shaping up to be a tough season for the Tribe.

  4. John Bateman says:

    Grady is one of those players that it is hard to say if he is overrated or underrated. I guess he is what he is. A good ball player but not really a great one. A good second guy like Jason Bay or Jeremine Dye

  5. Ken says:

    If this kind of thing happened 10 years ago it would be a scandal. But these days naked pictures of famous people is so common that it hardly causes notice. In a world where famous people are caught having affairs, using drugs, getting dui’s, testing positive for steroids or getting in fights, Sizemore is vanilla.

    I too hope he rebounds this year. He is a heck of a player with 40/40 on his radar. I agree with the OBP comment. Walks are what keeps him highly valuable right now. If that BA gets back up to .290, lookout.

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