So I have read that Mario, the godfather of all baseball card blogs, has decided to hang it up.  He has spoken about it before and I had a feeling at some point it was just going to be too much for him.  As of the beginning of the new year we will be without the centerpiece of the sports card community.

This is a tough blow to the world of card blogging.  Like many, Mario got me back into baseball cards and blogging about sports cards in general.  I first reviewed his site for my now defunct first blog back in December 2006, not long after he started writing.  It was because of his blog that I decided to start badwax.  I have also learned a lot from how to write posts, to how to write reviews.  It has opened a lot of doors for me both in the hobby and the sports worlds.

I wish Mario and his family the best of luck with this new year.  I hope he continues to keep in touch with the card collecting community, as I feel as though he was our voice to the card companies.  For those of you who do not write a daily blog, you don’t understand how difficult it is to keep it going.  Day after day you need to come up with new and topical card news.  It’s not always easy and many times I considered walking away from my blog as well.

I’ve come up with several suggestions if you are a new comer to the blog world, so that you don’t get burned out:

  • One post a day – no matter how much info you have, just write posts and schedule it out later.  If you try and do 2 – 3 posts in a day, you will burn out by the end of the first 2 months.
  • Keep it topical – what’s new in the sporting world? How does it relate to cards?
  • Keep it under 500 words – No one wants to spend a lot of time reading a post.  Make it simple to read, but also pack a punch so others will comment.
  • Don’t worry about the stats – When I started this blog I was psyched to reach 5 people a day.  Keep building your site and you will get readers.
  • Use a picture or two – pictures are eye candy, it draws attention to your posts.
  • Don’t make it another job – people drop out of blogging because it feels like another job.  Have fun with it or else you are destined to fail.  Keep it fun, offer contests and giveaways.
  • Trade links with other bloggers – It’s the number one way to build up the site traffic.
  • Write about want you are into – it’s your site, your rules, write about what you want and not about what everyone else is writing about.  There are tons of Allen and Ginter posts, do something different and mix it up.

There have been so many blogs that have just died over the past year.  It kind of makes me sad.  I have a graveyard of broken links which leads me to my next topic which is a major renovation of Badwax.  I am going to change the blog template and how it’s set up.  I am going to create an advertising grid on one of the pages and a top five sites on the front page.  To get your blog listed in the advertising grid, leave a comment below, with the name of your blog and all I ask in return, is a mention of Badwax on your site and an autographed or game used card.  That is it.  My site averages about 1200 hits a day so you should get some good traffic through the site.  I have never wanted to make money from this site, I don’t charge for my customs, I only accept trades.

I have been writing this site for nearly two years now and in that time I have written 1297 posts and had nearly 5100 comments.  I pride myself on staying topical and exposing the readers to players they have never heard of, or players that are underrated.  I enjoy creating custom cards and will do so as much as I can and I will run this blog hopefully for another two years.  I want to thank every single reader of this blog as every hit I see on here makes me feel as though I add something (however little it might be) to the collecting community.

I promise for this upcoming year, there will be more prizes, more Craigslist Idiots, and more TTM stories.  I will also be creating a guide to making custom cards.  Thanks for making this site so much fun to do each and everyday!

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  1. jswaykos says:

    I agree with all of your pointers, especially not worrying about stats. I think too many people get into this thinking they’ll make money, or get a card sponsor, or get a million hits a day and have a global impact on the hobby. In reality, the truth is that 100+ unique hits a day is actually pretty good for a relatively meaningless site, and even that amount of hits takes hard work.

    I don’t think you can stress enough the importance of being unique. You don’t need to have a gimmick, just bring a different perspective to the hobby. Share your experiences and memories, and don’t get into the habit of buying product just for blog material.

    The number one pet peeve of mine on new sites is when people promise all sorts of things they’re going to write about and never follow through. Nobody realizes that creative blogging takes a lot of thought. Priceless Pursuit is my second attempt at a blog after realizing I was just regurgitating news on my first site. I blog about whatever cards I want, whenever I want. Because it’s my site!!!

    And therein lies the secret to having fun with your blog: just have fun with it!

  2. jswaykos says:

    Oh, and another thing to get more traffic – leave comments on other peoples’ sites. You can’t expect feedback if you’re not willing to give it, either! I’ve found some of my favorite sites from comments on my blog that I otherwise never would’ve known about.

    OK, time to find something else to do besides commenting on Badwax.

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  4. Jeff says:

    I agree, Mario and his blog will be considerably missed. I especially enjoyed his commentary on 90’s baseball; the period I got out of the hobby.

  5. Steve78 says:

    Hey ChemGod, took some of your advice and started my own blog. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up. It’s at and I’m hoping to look at the 1990 CMC minor league baseball card set, who made the majors and who didn’t. Hopefully you can check it out. My wife made the banner.

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