One of the biggest signings this off-season for hockey was Marian Gaborik for the New York Rangers.  I knew that he was unhappy with the Wild since they weren’t willing to pony up the dollars it was going to take to keep him in Minnesota.  They wanted to give Backstrom and Koivu the big dollars to keep the core together.  They really underestimated how valuable Gaborik was for the team though.

Through his first 8 seasons with the Wild he averaged about 30 goals and 25 assists.  Sure he wanted the big money and at the time it was probably not in the Wild’s best interest, but he was only 26 and was coming off an 83 game season at the beginning of last season.  We all know about his injury that wiped out most of last year.  However he did get to play in 17 games and managed to put up 23 points.  Sadly the Wild had already made up their minds and decided to let him go.

He ended up signing with the Rangers for 5 years at 37.5 million dollars.  Which was far less than the 10 year 80 million dollar deal he turned down from the Wild.  This of course, upset many Wild fans and really just made him out to be a bad guy.  The truth was that he was stifled by a mediocre Wild team that seemed to be spinning it’s wheels offensively.  He figured that with the Rangers he would be ensured a team that was going to contend for the cup  year after year.  A team that would spend as close to the cap as they possibly could.

There was just more talent with the Rangers and in the end it made the most sense.  So far this season he has been nothing short of spectacular.  Through 34 games he has scored 47 points, 25 goals and 22 assists.  There have been several games where he was the center of all the offensive output and right now he is the team’s offensive leader.  With Gaborik in the lineup, they have a 80+ point scorer with the ability to put the team on his shoulders when needed.

His cards run anywhere from $10 – $100 for his autographed jersey cards.  That might seem like a lot but real, Gaborik is an elite player at this point in his career.  His jersey cards run about $2 – $8 which is a great deal when you realize just how good he is.  I have several of his cards, but the one below is my dream card.  It runs about $125 of eBay and is by far his most valuable card.  What do you think of Gaborik and do you think his cards are worth it?  What a terrible autographed though, almost as bad as Lorenzo Booker’s/


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  1. Michel says:

    You are right, this card is nasty but it seems a little over value, gaborik’s signature in one of the sloppiest autos in hockey’s market, it belongs to the same club of Chris Johnson, Chad Johnson and all Johnson’s family……and the one in the picture is one of his best….!!!!!

  2. The Wild did try to sign Gaborik again after last season, and many thought that Lemaire resigning might give us a chance–he basically refused to even talk to the team, though. They also weren’t going to break open the bank for a guy who has repeatedly had problems with his groin, injured it in non-hockey related activities (including a rumored hacky-sack injury).

    So far it’s turned out well for the Rangers–time will tell if he can keep it up, though.

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