Entering this weekend’s games, there had only been five players in the history of the NFL to ever record 1000 career catches.  They are Jerry Rice, Marvin Harrison, Cris Carter, Tim Brown and Isaac Bruce.  All of those players are Hall of Fame worthy even with their off the field transgressions.  This weekend he had 4 catches for 39 yards and on the season he has had only 725 yards receiving.

He will likely not reach 1000 yards receiving on the season.  That would only be the 5th time in his career that has happened.  As his career is winding down, the question is going to become, is he Hall of Fame worthy?  His numbers certainly say so, but what about his antics?  Are they enough to detract from his career numbers?  To deny him entrance to the Hall?

Here is my thought on his milestone and his impending end to his career.  Interestingly enough Rice, Carter and Brown are all HOF semi-finalists this year.  Brown has been eligible for 2 years while this is Carter’s and Rice’s first ballot.  When it comes to the Hall of Fame, the following questions must be asked:

  • Did he reinvent the way his position was to be played?
  • Did he dominate for an extended period of time?
  • Did he ever embarrass the sport?

For me, it’s no, yes, no.  Which means that he is not in the Hall in my opinion.  He single handedly ripped apart 3 teams (Eagles, 49ers, and Cowboys), he made a mockery out of the league on two occasions (trade to Eagles and trade to Cowboys).  He has always been a me first player.  Nothing is ever his fault on the field.  Maybe I am just too jaded thinking about and I am blowing it out of proportion, but I really don’t expect him to make the Hall in his first five ballots.  It’s just that when you hear his name, you just kind of cringe.  There have been other receivers like him as far as a me first attitude , but none have the polarizing effect that Owens brought with him where ever he went.

As for his autographed cards go, they are polarizing as well.  I have seen some go for as high as $50, and others go for as low as $5.  It’s just a matter of luck really.  There wasn’t any pattern I saw as far as pricing goes.  I can’t even bring myself to tell you to buy one of his cards, because to be honest with you, he was never a favorite of mine.  All I can say is either you like him or you don’t there is rarely a middle of the road on this one.  I wish him the best with his road to the Hall, but I just don’t think this one is going to be a happy ending for him.


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  1. Dennis NYY #44 says:

    T.O. is a Great player ….that is now Banished in Buffalo!!!!
    Instead of playing for a Major Team ….like the Eagles or Cowboys
    he lost in the cold & snow of Buffalo. He screwed himself.
    Imagine the numbers he could have put up already, if he just played.

    Hall of Fame …YES, but he will fall short of the records he could
    have set with all is antics. You can’t get back time!

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