I just got this fake letter sent to me from the Met’s PR people:

Dear Met’s Fan,

I know that over the past few seasons we have signed some of the best agents on the market and some have not lived up to the billing.  Sure we landed Gary Sheffield 4 years after his best season, but he put up respectable numbers for a 40 year old.  Oliver Perez seemed like a great signing to me, then the bottom fell out last season.  But hey we did land K-Rod and Johan Santana, unfortunately it was a year after sensational seasons and this season they were just mediocre.  These things happen.  We didn’t screw up signing Beltran years ago, and don’t forget we were able to keep our two most explosive players signed in Jose Reyes and David Wright.  Again neither lived up to the billing this year, but it was due to injuries, they’ll be back next season posting great numbers.

I say all this because even though we had an unbelievably bad season last year, you know our first season in our new ball park, we have landed who many experts feel is the second best hitter as a free agent.  That’s right, Jason Bay is now a Met and we couldn’t be happier.  Look at the numbers he put up last year with the Red Sox, 36 homers and 119 RBIs.  Of course he only hit 0.267, but surely he is worth 4 years 66 million, with a 5th year that can push it to 80 million.  It’s only a 9 million dollar a year raise from last season.  I know what you are going to say, “Why not Matt Holliday?” The simple answer to that is Jason was cheaper.  But don’t think about that, think about how exciting it will be to see him in our newer stadium!  Sure his contract is so bloated that we will not be signing free agents in 2010, when vastly superior talent should be available a nearly the same price.  Sure we were the only bidders and essentially bid up Jason’s price against ourselves, but we got him!

Some people say that he isn’t the 16 million dollar a year player we are expecting him to be, that he is more of a supporting cast member and not a primary threat.  We needed power people! Delgado is too old and frail, no one knows what got into David Wright last year, so all we have is Beltran, and well he isn’t getting any younger.  Now you might be wondering, if he is so good why didn’t the Red Sox or the Yankees go after him?  I’ll tell you why, they were afraid of his age and durability.  He is only going to be 34 (35 if he goes 5 years), and we had great players playing into their mid 30’s.  True it was during the steroid era, but Jason is different.  He’s this teams savior.

So I want to invite everyone out to see the Mets play this season.  We have an expensive new stadium we have to pay for so you have to come out or we are going to move and leave an empty stadium that very few people in New York wanted to pay for.  Besides our stadium is cooler that the Yankees and now we have a big free agent signing in Jason.  Mark Tex-a-who?


Fred Wilpon

Owner of the Mets

Now just to keep myself from getting hit with a lawsuit, I will say this is a work of fiction and Fred Wilpon did not write this letter to Mets fans.  We all knew Bay was going to get big money, but this is even higher than I thought.  At 31, he has never been the centerpiece of a winning team.  Think Tino Martinez in his prime.  Those are the kinds of numbers you can expect.  He has 2 prime years left and at the age of 34 is going to be what Johnny Damon was for the Yankees this season.

As far as his eBay value, his autographed cards run from about $3 – $15 depending on the release and the number of cards out there.  Some of his autographs go for significantly more, some go for as low as a dollar.  With his move to the Mets, his value should increase until the season starts, then based on how he starts off, either it will rocket up, or drop like a rock.  Overall I like Jason, I really do, but not at 16+ million dollars a season.  He should be a potential HOFer if he is going to make that kind of money.  He’s just not that kind of player.  Sorry Mets fans, but don’t expect Ryan Howard numbers.


5 responses »

  1. I’m with you: this is an utter waste of money.

  2. Offy says:

    I would have loved to see Bay stick with the Sox just because he wouldn’t be the one carrying the team. It was perfect for him and I’m not sure why he passed up on it. He went for a payday, didn’t really get it and went from a city he enjoyed playing in to a city that he may be miserable in. Hope it was worth the extra $6 Million.

  3. Mike says:

    I am going to miss Bay. I suspected that the friendly confines for Fenway Park helped inflate his numbers, but was surprised when the splits showed he actually hit 6 more homeruns outside of Fenway, and his RBI’s and other key stats remain pretty consistant as well. I think its a good move for the Mets.

  4. John Bateman says:

    I wonder what cap Bay will wear when he is inducted into the Hall of Fame. Maybe his career will take off like George Foster after he signed with the Mets.

    • chemgod says:

      I think the best part of the story was that he was actually with the mets farm system for 4 months before being traded to the Padres.

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