Every morning for the past 4 years, I have driven into work and religiously listened to the Steve Czaban show in Fox Sports.  It was so superior to Mike and Mike in the morning that it wasn’t even close.  Czaban’s show was much like a bunch of guys shooting bull around the water cooler about the previous night’s sports.  It was not a well polished machine like the Mike and Mike show is, they showed their human side, they weren’t robots towing the company line.

Czabe, with Scott Lynn, Al Galdi, and Lo Def Solly will be sorely missed, instead from 6am to 9am we will hear screaming head Steven A. Smith who I couldn’t detest more.  The unofficial reason the show was cancelled was because they sounded too much like Mike and Mike.  This could be further from the truth.  Now they put on the air, the single most obnoxious voice in sports TV and radio.  There is no way that this can be seen as a positive move.  The audience that Czabe so craftily assembled craved his stories, and his takes on any and all situations.  This will be the same audience that will run away in droves from the screaming, never funny, and always incorrect Steven A Smith.

We not only loved listening to him at 6am – 9am, the XM subscribers knew that if they missed anything they could just listen to the replay from 12pm to 3pm.  Fox had it all, they had the human drama of the Czabe show from 6 – 9 am and the Dan Patrick show and all the hilarity that show brings from 9am – noon.  I will continue to listen to Dan Patrick since I have long believed (even from his ESPN days) that he is one of the best personalities on any media.

To my fellow Steve Czaban listeners, I implore you to continually check the Daily Czabe (his personal blog), continue to drink your 5 hour energy, and look for Czabe to maybe appear on Mad Dog radio or XM sports radio.  I wouldn’t even be surprised if he pops up on the Golf Channel.  Steve your morning banter with Scott Lynn will be sorely missed by this blogger and thousands of other listeners.  Good luck and thanks for all the laughs.

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  1. John Bateman says:

    Czabe seemed to be so into his self. A sort of Rush Limbaugh type character. He won’t be missed. Stephen A could work if he has the right people around him.

  2. Thorzul says:

    I’ve heard about this via Czabe’s website. Luckily, Steve Czaban still chats with Bob and Brian (102.9 WHQG) here in Milwaukee for about half an hour every morning. Too bad the rest of the country isn’t as fortunate.

  3. Dan says:

    Totally agree. Czabe had the most underrated show on the airwaves and it’s a shame they got rid of him. I’m confident he’ll land on his feet and Mad Dog radio would be wise to pounce on the opportunity to get him sooner rather than later..

  4. I’ve never gotten to listen to Czabe. I don’t think we get it. Mike and Mike suck. If they aren’t in a commercial (a rarity) they are talking about what’s coming up after the next commercial. Sometimes they say witty things about how Golic likes to eat and Greeny is a pussy.

    I just listen to podcasts. Thank God for IPods.

  5. Mike says:

    Bad move by Fox. I was a big fan of (Sandy) Penner & Czabe when they were on the air here in Charlotte NC. Sports radio hasn’t been the same since. And Czabe is a truly nice guy. Here’s hoping he is back on the airwaves soon.

  6. GODDAMMIT they got you too! I don’t know why I thought I was the only one. three years teaching and listening to Czabe every morning…I never “followed” sports radio EVER before my 8-6 job. Fox and it’s affiliates are forever treating us like their wives and husbands, and we continue to get ****ed like it.

  7. Czaban Show dodgeball is king!

  8. Jen says:

    I will never listen to FOX again. Czaban and his crew was the best. Smith is miserable! ESPN, here I come!

  9. Ed Krow says:

    I used to turn off FSR when Rome came on, he’s annoying and his schtick plays to unintelligent cave dwellers. Steven A??? He makes Rome look good. I can’t stand his pompous attitude and would turn off ESPN whenever he came on the screen. Thanks Fox. I can now turn you off in the morning as well. Czaban got me hooked on Fox Sports Radio, and, driving over 25,000 miles a year, was constantly tuned to your stations. I am done. Thank goodness for the reasonable alternative of Mike & Mike. Now I’ll listen to Czabe on the web in the afternoons. Czabe – get the old gang together as soon as you can!

  10. Kate says:

    Can’t stand it. I miss Lock it Up, Where you at what you haulin, Brandon Lang and the Leinenkugel boys. Plus Czabe was the only one to do Nascar every week. Steven A might be a diversity move but I can’t and won’t listen to him. His constant degration of women and his celebrity guests (where is the sports people,hello)who are on to promote their own shows or the golden globes is ridiculous. Guess it’s over to XM for my morning ride.

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