First off I want to congratulate Andre Dawson for getting into the Hall of Fame.  For years I have thought he deserved to get in and I always thought that his being left out was a shame.  A player in the days that he played couldn’t dictate what team he played for.  In essence he wasted the majority of his career with two awful teams, Montreal and Chicago.  The fact he won the MVP in 1987 was a testament to the fact that he was a fantastic player, even though his team was not.

When you think about his storied career, he had a statline of 0.279 average, 438 homers, 1591 RBIs and just under 2800 career hits.  The numbers don’t seem terribly impressive until you think about the teams he was on.  In some cases he had no protection in the lineup.  He has a Rookie of the Year Award, an MVP, 8 Golden Gloves, 4 Silver Sluggers,  and 8 All Star selections.  Here is a list of his 10 most comparable players of all time:

  1. Billy Williams (886) *
  2. Tony Perez (881) *
  3. Dave Parker (865)
  4. Al Kaline (858) *
  5. Harold Baines (856)
  6. Luis Gonzalez (842)
  7. Ernie Banks (834) *
  8. Dwight Evans (834)
  9. Dave Winfield (824) *
  10. Gary Sheffield (818)

The stars designate who is in the Hall of Fame already.  I will say that Parker deserves to be in and with over 500 homers Sheffield is in as well.  You can argue all you want, but Hawk is a Hall of Famer and he deserved that title years ago.  As for the players that did not make it, Blyleven and Alomar were so incredibly close.  Both will probably make the Hall in their next appearance on the ballot.  Jack Morris, Lee Smith, and Tim Raines will never make the Hall of Fame.  Larkin in his first ballot garnered 51.6% of the vote, I have to assume at some point he is going to get in.  What I was a little surprised is how low McGriff’s percentage was.  He had 493 homers, I felt his percentage deserved to be higher.

As far as the hobby goes for Hawk, his rookie card can be had for about $5 on eBay and his autographs run between $10 – $20 for the most part.  The card featured below, his 2005 Sweet Spot Classic card is one of my favorites and it recently sold for $15 on eBay.  Now that he is a Hall of Famer he is a must have for your baseball collection.  A cheaper alternative is the 1996 Leaf signature card, plenty can be had for under $10.  Congats again to Andre, it was a long wait, but certainly worth it.

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  1. Offy says:

    What annoys me is that Dwight Evans isn’t considered a Hall of Famer. I’m obviously biased due to the fact that he was my favorite player growing up, but he’s right there on that list with those guys and his defensive skills were unparalleled. He mastered a tricky Fenway right field and had a cannon for an arm. Clutch hitting is a myth, but he seemed to do it an awful lot. He just didn’t have the individual awards that most of those other players did.

    • mike norton says:


  2. Coachie says:

    It’s about time for the Hawk. Awesome player: offensive, throwing runners out, and stealing bases. The complete package.

  3. mike norton says:

    HOW about ROBERTO ALOMAR i think it deserves to be a hall of famer more and as much as andre dawson……alomar is my favorite player of all time….he has many gold gloves,silver slugger awards,2 time world series champ,clutch hitter….but it seems like all anybody remembers is the spitting incident….this is a really a shame….i think he is one of the best second basemans of all time….and yes better than RYNE SANDBERG SORRY LOL…alomar had to give it up 5 years ago playing for TAMPA BAY IN spring training…..PINELLA said roberto just couldnt see the ball anymore good enough to play……ALOMAR was a gamer and how can anybody agrue with this?????I WAS ACTUALLY AT ALOMAR’S LAST PLAY OFF GAME JUST BECAUSE THE MARINERS WERE PLAYING HIS TEAM LOL…

    PLUS how about EDGAR MARTINEZ??? JACK MORRIS WON the most percent of games in the 80’s..and won 2 world series….

  4. Steve78 says:

    Been waiting for Dawson to get in since I was a kid. He was my favorite player growing up. I always remember going to card shows looking for more Dawson cards. A couple vendors knew I was coming and had new ones on hand. Then there was the time I got to meet him in 1988. I was 9 and had a stack of nine cards. He signed every one. Among the coolest things that I own.

    BTW, Chemgod, did you get my banner?

  5. nick Cee says:

    I do not think Dawson should have been placed in the hall of fame. I think Larkin, Alomar, and Ricklebert Blyleven should have been called fo the hall this year. By inducting Dawson you have to now consider guys who were great but not hall of fame worthy like Fred McGriff who had better numbers than the hawk. Guys like Murphy, Evans, Mattingly( HURTS TO SAY THAT )Carter dont belong in the hall. They belong in the hall of great. These players were fan favorites for many people growing up but will never make it in.

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