Let’s face it, hockey is not on the top of things to do in Dallas.  First off, the first half of the season compete’s against the Cowboys and the second half of the season competes with the Mavericks and Rangers.  The NHL doesn’t want to leave the southwest, but really, there isn’t a large fan base out there for hockey.  Loui Eriksson plays for the Dallas Stars and is one of the go to players on the team.  Not many people know about Loui, but if you ever watch a Stars game, he is always in the middle of the action.

Through 46 games this season, he has 18 goals and 26 assists for 44 points.  this comes on the tail of his first full season last year, when he put up 36 goals and 27 assists for 63 points connecting on a ridiculous 20.6% of his shots.  This season he was selected to play on his homeland’s Swedish Olympic team.  The same Swedes who won gold in 2006.  Loui is not the top point getter on the stars (Richards) nor is he the top goal scorer (Neal), when he is on the ice, good things happen.

If he was on a north eastern team such as the Bruins, Rangers, or Canadiens, he would be an absolute star.  Unfortunately for him, he resides in Dallas in relative obscurity.  The Stars couldn’t have been happier, they will happily keep his services for as long as they can.  At only 24, he has a long career ahead of him.  I can easily see him becoming a perennial 75 – 80 point a year kind of player.

As far as his autographed cards go, they run all over the place, I have never actually seen one of his The Cup rookie patch auto cards sell.  Most are listed in excess of $75, the last one I saw that was listed as less was for $45, but even that one (pictured below), didn’t grab one bid.  His other autographed cards run between $1 – $5 and at that price I would think it was an absolute bargain.  His name may not bring much recognition now, but he is going to have himself a great career.


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  1. dave h says:

    Very good point, and a lot of these American market teams seem to have stars that just don’t get as much hobby recognition as much less talented players on some larger market teams such as the Rangers, Leafs and Canadiens. Henrik Sedin is another really undervalued star in the hobby market.

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