I’ve been getting beat up with the Craigslists lately.  I decided to try a new tact.  Once a week I am going to put up an ad on Craigslist, a different city each time.  I will use Mario’s template, except each time it will only be one card.  Mario has over 2600 posts on his blog, but this is one of my all-time favorites.  Plus it allows me to keep doing my Craigslist Idiots without being a complete douchebag.  Below is the ad I will use for this week.

Bowman Chrome Albert Pujols Autographed Card – $1

First off, I am just going to throw myself out there and hope no one takes advantage of me. Recently my ex-boyfriend decided to one day leave for work and never come back. I later received an email from him that he is leaving me for another girl. Of course, he left me with lots of bills to pay and a missing paycheck to pay them. He managed to remove almost all of his stuff, but forgot one of his most treasured cards. I know nothing about cards except that it seemed to get him very excited everytime he got a card in the mail. I’m sure this card has got to be worth at least $100. It has a Beckett grade of 9.5 and autograph of 9, not sure what that means. Since I am very strapped for cash I have to sell this ASAP. Send me your best offer and let’s see if we can work out a price. Must be paid in cash, no exceptions. Card is pictured below.

God Bless

Here is the stipulations for me, the only thing I want is an offer.  I will post all the offers to this site and you guys could have a nice laugh over this.  We have to agree though that a card like this graded as a 9.5 and a 9 auto is worth $3000 easy.  Wish me luck guys and try not to ruin it by emailing bogus offers.  Wish me luck with this one, if I get any hits today I will post some.


First response: “I saw your ad on craigslist.  I would give you $100 cash tomorrow it that will work for you.  I live in XXXXXX and could pick up at your convience.   Please send contact information or you can call me.  I am up until midnight and up early daily.  Thanks for the consideration.


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  1. b. dav says:

    this is going to be funny do you have a link for us readers?

  2. DeadHorse says:

    Found this by googling the text:


    By the way, I love this blog.

  3. John says:

    Updates, updates, updates…..anything new with this?

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