At this point most puckheads know all about Patrice, but for those of you who are not a die-hard fan of the sport (including the junior levels), he plays in the QMJHL for Rouyn-Noranda and is known for his vicious elbowing and cheap shots.  Last week he was suspended from the “Q” league for the rest of the season and the post season, for his hit on Mikeal Tam of the Quebec Ramparts.  The video can be seen below (note due to the graphic nature of this hit, it is not for the squeamish so be warned).

This was not the first time he sucker punched a player, he also did the same thing during the World Junior Championships against Sweden, when he took out Anton Rodin of team Sweden a month earlier, the video of that hit can be seen below:

Although police were called to the arena after the Tam hit, no criminal charges have been entered.  Instead, the Devils second round draft pick of 2008 finds himself at a crossroads in his career.  At 19, he has one more year of junior eligibility left. However it is unlikely that he will return to the QMJHL next season.  Instead it was thought that he would enter the AHL or ECHL, where he could continue playing as early as this season.  Unfortunately for Patrice, Lou Lamarillo (GM of the Devils) has gone on record supporting the current QMJHL suspension.  This means, no hockey for Patrice until next season.

He is actually a very solid hockey player, built in the mold of another troublemaker Todd Bertuzzi.  He was named captain of the Junior Team Canada team in the last World Junior Championships.  Last year he had a breakout season with 23 goals and 28 assists and 118 penalty minutes.  The Devils love his strong physical play, but his mean streak they can live without.  He needs to get a hold of his anger issues and play strong, physical, non-life threatening hockey if he is going to succeed in the NHL.

As for his cards, he only has one.  It is his 2008-09 ITG Heroes and Prospects card number 98.  I couldn’t find any certified autographs of him so all we are left with is his pre-rookie card and that doesn’t even draw a dollar on eBay.  Some of his signed photos and pucks went for between $2 – $10, but there really isn’t too much signed stuff out there.  As for his future, I see him getting schooled in the NHL personally.  Those kinds of hits if done in the pros puts a target on your back, and he doesn’t want that, just ask Steve Moore.


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  1. Goon Squad says:

    “He is actually a very solid hockey player, built in the mold of another troublemaker Todd Bertuzzi.”

    All of the stats put up by this kid were thrown out the window when he intentionally injured another player with a blatant cheap shot.
    He deserved the punishment received, if not more, and should be held accountable for any medical bills incurred by the Tam family.

    Bertuzzi on the other hand has NO BUSINESS playing pro hockey after ending another mans career in the fashion he did.
    I hope that Karma soon pays him a visit and ends life as he knows it in a violent, unpredictable way!

  2. dave h says:

    Well luckily for Patrice the AHL season goes longer than the Q season. If all else fails, I could see him being called up to Lowell and playing there AFTER the Q playoffs are all finished. In addition, it looks like the Huskies and Cormier are appealling the suspension, now I don’t believe that will change anything, but there is a good chance that he will still skate this season, but it will likely be in the AHL and his junior career is over.

  3. Jeff says:

    Yes, the Huskies have appealled the suspension. However, I think it was just a show of support to Cormier and to the Husky fans. There is no way the QMJHL will reduce the suspension. There will be a great public outcry if it is reduced. The general consensus is that the suspension is fair.
    An interesting note; if the Huskies make the Memorial Cup, Cormier can apply for reinstatement. There apparently is something in the QMJHL rules that allows players under suspension to be eligible to play in the Memorial Cup if their team makes the tournament.

  4. Justin G. says:

    I think his career might have a similar arc as Steve Downie. Hopefully, he learns how lucky he is to be a professional hockey player and turns his game around. If he gets a second chance (which he probably will) he should focus on the skills that got him to where he is, not the thuggery that has gained national attention. Look at Downie, after being only known for cross-checking his teammate’s teeth out, crushing Dean McAmmond and alledgedly slashing a ref, he is now an integral member of an NHL team (24 points in 49 games and a +6).

  5. nick Cee says:

    As a huge Devils fan I would love to see this guy make it to the big club. I understand what he did was wrong. I hope he learns his lesson, but in that same respect I hope he still has that ability to be an aggressive player. I wonder if that player didn’t go into convulsions would the suspense have been the way it was. My point is while the hit was uncalled for, I cannot see how if that did not happen to Tam that Cormier gets the same amount in the suspension. If it didn’t happen, what happens he gets 5-10 games. I also think all of this was as a result of public outcry, and coverage via Youtube, and Espn. I feel the same happened today with Arenas and Crittenon. I am in no way condoning what these three dummies did but I think due to being under such scrutiny because of the media.

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