In case you haven’t heard, Bob Gainey recently stepped down as the Canadiens GM. Stepping into his role is Pierre Gauthier. The Canadiens have an interesting situation developing. They have two young starting goaltenders on their team. With the trade deadline only a few weeks away it was thought that one of them was going to get moved.  Today, I have read Canadien insiders blogs and it looks like the Habs are going to stand pat on this goaltender issue. The problem is simple, they can’t make the playoffs without Halak and No team wants to pony up the prospects it would take to land Price.

In essence Halak has been the starter for the past year. Although goaltender duties were nearly split last season, Halak has clearly had the best numbers since this time last season. It’s not that Price is bad, Halak’s stats this season have been phenomenal. So far this season he is 17-9-2 with a 2.45 GAA and a save percentage of nearly 93%. You would think those numbers would leave no question about who the Canadiens are keeping and who they are going to trade.

Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Carey Price had himself an amazing rookie season, where he went 24-12 with a 2.56 GAA and a 92% save percentage. He followed that up with a 23-16 record with a 2.83 GAA and a 90.5% save percentage. The numbers from last season were misleading though. He was very inconsistent and at times clearly looked as if he wasn’t ready for the NHL. This season was more of the same although at 11-17 and a 2.73 GAA it is clear that he isn’t starting material. At least not until he can become more consistent.

With so much talent in goal it was thought that the Canadiens would trade away Price and keep Halak as their goalie of the future. However until Price can prove that he deserves to be a number one goalie in this league no GM would trade prime prospects for him. Which is funny because there isn’t a GM in the league that wouldn’t take Price. If the price was right (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

As far as their certified autographs go on eBay, they are pricey. For Carey Price, his autograph alone is running $50 – $100 depending on the release. He also has many cards with multiple signatures (ie/ Kane and Toews) that drive the price up even more to the $150+ level. Halak is a different story, his cards are being sold between $20 – $30 and some of his cards are going for even less. As the starter for the forseeable future, it seems that his cards will only go up if his play remains as consistent as it has been.


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  2. Wax Wombat says:

    Price stuff is crazy… I had a dual Price/Roy patch out of BTP that surprised the heck out of me a year ago when I threw it on eBay. I believe in the years to come he’ll be a great goalie, but right now he needs some work.

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