This was another good weekend of successes.  I guess with players arriving to Spring Training early, they are hammering out those autograph requests as quick as they can.  Here are two more I got back:

JJ Hardy

This one was sent out mid season last year.  I sent it care of the Milwaukee Brewers, it had a spring training postmark, so I’m guessing he saved them all up for the two weeks before training camp.  After having back to back solid seasons in 2007 and 2008 he faltered in 2009, eventually losing his starting job and getting traded at the end of the season.  He finds himself with the Minnesota Twins now and with a new lease on his career.  I think he is fully capable of getting back to his 07 and 08 form, this year will be critical for him.  He did keep the card I sent and signed this one instead which I think is real cool.

JA Happ

This was another one of those Spring Training returns.  I sent this one out very late last season, I think around 9/15.  I no longer are send out these on cover stock.  Instead I now send actual cards, with a glossy stock that allows for quick ink drying.  I was excited to see this one come back.  I was very high on him last year, I felt he should have won the ROY award over Chris Coghlin.  With a 12-4 record and an ERA of 2.93 over 166 innings, I see him as a major force in the Phillies for a few more years.  He is a little older than most rookies at 27 (this season), but I think that is going to help him as he is more mature.

Let me know what you guys think?


3 responses »

  1. I got the exact same card back signed from Hardy this week.

  2. Wax Wombat says:

    Nice! I reeeeeally gotta get into the TTM thing, hehe.

  3. Susan says:

    I like that Happ card a lot. I like that it says TTM Graphs too. No making mistake what kind of auto it is and nicely done.

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