The Oakland Raiders may not have a coach but they do have a kicker for four more years.  Sebastian Janikowski was given a record contract by the quickly loosing it Al Davis 4 years for $16 million including a guaranteed $9 million.  This once again proves that Al Davis is insane, only Al would pay $4 million for a kicker.  There are so many problems with the Raiders, why in the world would you secure your kicker?

Let’s look at the Raiders for a moment.  Clearly, they need help on the offensive line.  There is no reason why McFadden can’t be a 1000 yard rusher if given any kind of running lane. Now look at the quarterback position, it’s in shambles.  JaMarcus Russell is not going to work out as an NFL, Bruce Gradkowski is just a temporary plug.  Charlie Frye has never done well anywhere and JP Loseman? Really?  Why wouldn’t Oakland save some money and go after Vick or McNabb?

Also the defense, which the Raiders have always prided themselves on is a shell of what it was just 3 years ago when it was one of the better D’s in the league.   Finally the receiving corp needs help as well.  Here are your 2009 receiving corp: Javon Walker, Yamon Figurs, Darrius Heyward Bay, Shaun Bodiford, Paul Hubbard, Nick Miller, and Louis Murphy.  No wonder Russell couldn’t hit anyone, with an aging Walker and no one else.

I will say this about Janikowski, he is my favorite all time kicker.  He is one of the best in the game, but I firmly believe that aside from elite teams such as Indianapolis, New England and New Orleans, kickers shouldn’t make more than $2 million.  The deal makes no sense to me.  Maybe someone out there can explain to me why it happened?  As far as Janikowski’s cards go on eBay, they are surprisingly higher than you would think.  Most go for between $6 – $12, which is not bad for one of the best kickers in NFL history.  One of my favorite signatures is from Topps TX and is the authentic Super Bowl ticket (pictured below).   I am hoping the Raiders can turn it around but if not it will be nice to see Sea Bass kicking a lot of field goals.


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  1. […] can turn it around but if not it will be nice to see Sea Bass kicking a lot of field goals. Give Me Some Sea Bass . . . Bad Wax __________________ Shop for Sports Cards and Trading […]

  2. nick Cee says:

    If I were the Raiders & the Redskins I would take this uncapped year and just throw my money at every free agent possible. This will be the only chance these two poorly run franchises a chance to win. Turn em to the Yankees of the NFL. This would be the only way the players get what they want with the CBA

  3. Derrick says:

    I’ve been a lifelong Raiders fan. Janikowski was a bigger need for this team this offseason than Seymour was. He is my favorite Raider on the team, along with Zach Miller. Janikowski gives the Raiders the opportunity to get points on the board once we cross midfield (literally). He has nailed FGs from 75+ in McAfee during practice. If you check out his website, you’ll see him miss a 64 yarder by 3 inches to the left that hits the uprights a good 15-20 ft above the crossbar.

    That being said, when you are as bad as the Raiders offense is, you need any points you can possibly get your hands on. With an offense that has trouble scoring, literally every yard counts with our offense. If we can get to the opponents 40 yard line, that an easy 3 points for us. He’s our most viable offensive weapon we have (sad I know). He got every penny he deserves.

    Also, Jano is the all-time leading scorer in Raiders history. It’s right that he ends his career in Oakland. It’s only deserving that he is the highest paid kicker of all time. He continuosly gets overlooked for the pro bowl only because he plays in Oakland. This year he missed 3 field goals; from 44, 57, and 66. He also had one that was good in December in Cleveland’s freezing weather from 61. To say this contract isn’t deserving is ludacris.

    If it was earlier in his career, and he still had the problems he did I’d agree it’s ludacris. But he’s definately changed. I had the blessed opportunity to meet him in Minneapolis 2 years ago when the Raiders played the Vikings, and he was kind, courteous, and signed anything and everything that was put in front of him. He also signs TTM from his house in less than a week. I just got 4 autographs of him TTM 3 weeks ago. He’s turned into a model citizen, and someone who gives us an ample scoring threat from anywhere. It’s an uncapped year, contracts will be running wild. The Cowboys, Vikings, and Redskins will try to become the Yankees of football. Football as we know it is over. I truly do think I speak on behalf of Raider Nation in saying we couldn’t be happier than the news that he signed an extension. Just my $.02 (although it was about $20 worth).

  4. Derrick is right. When your best player is your kicker, you have to pay the man.

  5. RedSox82696 says:

    Is it fair to say that Janikowski is the Peyton Manning of kickers? I think so. He deserves to be paid like it.

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