I sent this card out shortly after I created it.  I think it took a grand total of 7 days to get back.  I sent it out to him by way of Mariners Spring Training facilities.  Dustin is a local guy, he played high school baseball in North Carolina and college ball at UNC.  I have several through the mail successes with him.  He is a great signer and from what I have heard, an incredibly hard worker.  I expect him to be manning second base very soon.  For other TTM successes I had with him see here.

As for his hobby value, Dustin’s autographs run in three catagories. There is the low end (TRISTAR) which runs about $10 – $15.  Then you have the medium level such as Donruss Elite, which runs about $35.  Finally there is Donruss Elite Extra patch autograph which will set you back $150.  Anyway you look at it, his cards are hot right now and if he has a great season this year, they are only going up.


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  1. themojohand says:


    I just shipped mine out lol.

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