I got two back yesterday.  Both are hockey related and both I am pretty excited about.

Taylor Hall

I sent this one out back in December and I didn’t have high hopes about getting it back so soon.  If you don’t know who Taylor is, don’t worry you will soon enough.  Most experts consider him the number one pick in the upcoming draft.  He has had three back to back to back great seasons.  In 2007 he went 45-39-84, in 2008 he went 38-52-90 and this season he was even better, going 36-59-95.  He is built in the same mode of last year’s number one John Tavares.  Where ever he lands, he will more than likely be a starter from year one.  It’s looking more and more like the Edmonton Oilers and boy do they need some help.  Card was sent c/o Windsor Spitfires.

Justin Peters

I sent this one out just as he was sent back to Albany before the Olympics.  He has since been recalled due to Cam Ward’s injured back.  He has only played in two NHL games, but both he has looked rather sharp.  He has been in the minors for quite a while and he is not going to supplant Cam Ward in goal.  He is perfect trade bait and I expect him to be moved soon.  I think he can be a number one somewhere in the NHL, but he first needs a chance.  I sent this request care of the Albany River Rats and it took about two weeks.

I’m curious how you like the designs.


8 responses »

  1. Jeremy says:

    Did you design these?

    • chemgod says:

      Actually I used a template on the Allan and Ginter but did the player crop and back myself. As for the Goudey, I created that from scratch.

  2. Alex says:

    Both designs look good, but the Allen and Ginter looks especially good.

  3. Alex says:

    Those look INCREDIBLE! Any way I could get a copy of the Hall?

  4. Merlinsleeve says:

    Great looking Hall card. Not that the other card doens’t look good, but the Hall design is in a class above! Nice work!

  5. Garrett Hollander says:

    As a DFW guy, I know Luke from his days with the semi-pro Fort Worth Cats.. actually he is the best success story from the Cats. He is a really codial dude, but as far as his mechanics go, you’re right he needs to add another pitch to his repertoire.

  6. great as always dude… my only insight is for the Goudey… maybe make the section “TTM Graphs” translucent so you can kinda see the rest of the picture underneath?

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