During the Olympics, I was thinking about what an obscure career Jarome Iginla has had.  Here we have a player starting on Canada’s first line, along with Sydney Crosby, he has had an amazing career that is Hall of Fame worthy.  He has played his entire career in Calgary and with all the stats he has rolled up, casual hockey fans still have no idea who he is.

Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla (his entire name), was drafted by the Dallas Stars in 1995, then traded to the Flames in December 1995 as part of the Joe Nieuwendyk deal.  He made his first NHL start in the 1996 Stanley Cup playoffs, after having an amazing junior playoff run where he scored 26 points in just 16 games.

In 1996 he cemented himself as a starter and leader of the Flames.  He put up 21-29-50 leading all rookies in points but finishing as the runner up in the Rookie of the Year voting.  He struggled a bit in 1997 only registering 32 points, but in 1998 he really took off and scored 28-23-51, that was the fewest points he would score over the next 12 seasons.

He has since won the Rocket Richard Trophey and ESPY best NHL player twice, the Art Ross Trophey, Lester Pearson Award, King Clancy Trophy, NHL Foundation Player Award, and Mark Messier Leadership Award all once.  He has been to five All Star appearances and has registered 4 points.  His career numbers are 409-442-851, all that and he is only 32.  He will eclipse 1000 points with over 500 goals and 500 assists and when it’s all said and done he will be a Hall of Famer.

This season through 65 games he has put up 30-32-62 and yesterday he broke out of a 10 game slump in a big way.  He registered his 10th career hat trick having three goals and one assists.  He continues to be one of the most respected players in Canada, although in the US he is just not a household name.

His hobby value reflects this, as many of his signed cards are fetching only about $10 each.  Even the high end cards (like the one below) are only registering about $30 – $40 which is ridiculous considering what a great player he is.  At $10 an autograph for a future Hall of Famer they should be picked up as quick as a wink.  I’m curious what other people feel about Jarome.  Do you think he is severely under priced?


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  1. Tim Hertzog says:

    Most definitely under valued and under appreciated.

  2. Alex says:

    Could not agree more. I can not for the life of me figure out how he gets so little hobby love. Also, his career line above is from before this season. I would not be at all surprised to see him get 600+ goals in his career. He’s often left outta the conversation as best player in the NHL because he’s not flashy or loud, but he’s easily a top 5 or 10 player.

  3. He is definitely a HOFer. When you are the leading goal scorer for an entire decade, you have to be on that list.

  4. dave h says:

    Jerome was definitely a superstar in progress with it taking him 5 seasons to reach 30 goals. But for the last 8 or 9 seasons he has been pretty consistent. The problem with players like Iginla is they are so prone to injury and thus far he has done a great job avoiding it. I think he can make it another 4 years or so he will be a shoo in for the hall, a serious injury could affect that at some point though unless he can manage a cup at some point. I still cannot believe how cheap the Flames got him from Dallas which was basically Jerome for a fading Nieuwendyk.

  5. Try buying one of his cards around here. Got $100, or $200? Want to retire? Buy his cards where you are, and bring them here and sell them.

  6. Merlinsleeve says:

    Interesting take on Iginla. I never considered that he would not be a household name and that he might be considered underrated. In a league where franchise players aren’t common, Iginla is definitely in the upper echelon of players in the NHL.

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