OK so I knew he was playing last season with the A’s, but really it’s been a few years since he has done much in baseball.  His last solid season was in 2006 when he went 0.303/20/93.  Even though I am a Yankee fan, I always felt (before the injuries) he was better than Jeter.  I realize that the last sentence means I should hand in my pinstripes, but as you will see, he was better.

Nomar rose to prominence back in 1997 (his rookie season) when he hit 0.0.306/30/98/22, won the Rookie of the Year Award, was an All Star, and was 8th in MVP voting.  In his tenure with the Red Sox, he hit a 0.323 average and averaged 19 homers a season.  His numbers were similar to Yogi Berra, Hanley Ramirez and Ernie Banks until he was 30.

Up until 2003, I would have considered him a future Hall of Famer.  He averaged over 190 hits a season except the season he missed due to injury.  In the world of American League short stops, it was A-Rod, Nomar, then Jeter.  Things went differently after the 2003 season.  Nomar’s injuries sank his career, although he did find his stride one last time in 2006, but for the past two years he has basically been a non factor for the Dodgers and the A’s.

As far as his hobby value goes, his value hasn’t taken a huge hit over the past 5 years.  You can still land some of his cheaper autographs for between $5 – $10.  While some of his fancier cards such as the one pictured below might run you between $30 – $40.  Of course there are several co-signed cards of his that go into the hundreds of dollars.  There is one card though that I would considered the worst of the signed cards (link).  A Matt Bush / Nomar Garciaparra dual autograph card, talk about two players that never lived up to the billing.  Matt never making it to the show and Nomar never coming back from the multiple injuries.


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