In a move that stuns nearly no one, the Browns shipped Brady Quinn to the Broncos for Peyton Hillis (FB) and 2 draft picks.  It is fair to say that Quinn’s experience in Cleveland was a bust.  When a teams feels that career back-up Seneca Wallace and career-over Jake Delhomme are better options at quarterback, you know you are a bust.

It all started so innocently, Quinn taken 22nd overall by the Browns in the 2007 draft was thought to be a hit in Cleveland, since he grew up in Ohio and played one state over at Notre Dame.  You would figure it was a home run of a pick.  However thanks to a career year for Derek Anderson he had to ride the bench for 2 seasons essentially.  Always known as a workout warrior, it never translated into on-field success.

He was handed the keys to the offense in 2009 and faltered mightily.  He threw for 1339, 8 TDs and 7 Ints.  He was subbed in and out as a starter throughout the year.  He put up his house for sale mid-way through the year.  He knew he was leaving Cleveland it was just a matter of when.

Now headed to the Broncos in what appears to be a dump of salary and player, he can now begin to re-invigorate his career.  He will have to take on Kyle Orton to become a starter and that will be no small task.  This season will dictate the rest of his career.  He still feels as though he is an NFL starter.  Personally I think he is a career backup.  If he can prove he can lead a team like the Broncos, his stock will soar.  If he falters, he may never get another chance to start on a full time basis.

As for the hobby, his cards are a fraction of what they were in 2007.  Back then a card like the one pictured below might have set you back $200 – $300.  Instead a quad autographed card of Russell, Quinn, Beck, and Stanton went for $35 on eBay recently.  His autographs tend to run in the $20 – 40 range.  For now I take a wait and see attitude, can he become a starter? I’m not so sure and $20 for a career backup is not a smart move.


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