Yesterday John Smoltz signed a deal with TBS to be an analyst.  I think that is his way of letting the fans know that his career is over.  It’s something that everyone knew was going to happen.  That brings an end to an amazing career, even if the last season was particularly awful.

Forget the fact that he only won 213 games, he saved 154 games and was not only one of the most dominant starters in his prime, but also became one of the most dominant relievers as well.  He is an eight time All Star, a one time Cy Young Award winner, led the league in wins twice and saves once.  He has been an embassador to the game and it’s not out of the question that he will and should be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Personally I am happy he decided to step away from the game, it was just strange to see him in a Boston jersey, let alone a Cardinal jersey.  He clearly did not have it last season with a combined ERA of 6.35 and at times he looked very hittable.  Something the vintage Smoltz wouldn’t look like.  I know it’s tough for an athlete to admit that his career is over, but last year was just tough to watch.

His cards still remain red hot in the ebay world.  His autographed cards can run anywhere from $20 – $400.  He will always be a big collectible from both a player standpoint and a team standpoint.  He has lots of cheap rookie cards available since he was a rookie in the junk wax era, so his cards would be fun to start a player collection of.  I wish John the best of luck in this new portion of his life and thank him for some incredible seasons.


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  1. Mike Deak says:

    I’ve been collecting John Smoltz cards since my uncle coached him in high school and gave us autographed Smoltzies for Christmas in 1989. I probably have over 400 different cards of Smoltz, and always looking around for more. By far one of my top three favorite baseball players of all-time. Any way I could trade for the Sweet Spot card shown, if you have it?

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