Can someone please explain to me why in the world Jermaine Dye doesn’t have a job? He has to be one of the few free agents left that is worth having and is not signed. It boggles my mind that although he had a down year last season, he still hit 0.250 with 27 homers and 81 RBIs.

He has never been a trend kind of hitter, where his stats get better, then slowly decrease. He is an up and down hitter that could not only start in the outfield but also be an incredible DH. As we head into week 3 of the pre-season though, you have to wonder, will he be playing this year?

Recent interested clubs include the Nationals. Knowing that at this point his options are limited, might get him a lower than wanted contract. I am not so sure that he would be as valuable in the NL because there is no chance for him to DH. Why a team like the Royals, Twins or Rays haven’t snapped him up yet I will never understand.

Sure he is going to be 37 this upcoming season which is a little old to sign for a multi-year deal, but the leadership and the offense he can provide is worth the 2 year risk. We are still talking about someone who can hit 0.265, 25 homers and 80 RBIs. If he does get signed and is willing to put up with the decreased pay, you going to find that Dye can still play.

As for his hobby value,his cards are relatively inexpensive. The card pictured below is one of his better cards and that can be had for $8. Most of his autographs go for between $5 – $15. For a player that has a chance at being in the 400 home run club, that’s value for your money. Hopefully he can latch on somewhere and prove that he is still a viable baseball option.


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  1. RNCoyote says:

    Underrated and under-appreciated. He should have gain several first place MVP votes few years back and can still contribute.

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