First off, I just love how this card came out.  From the card itself to the autograph, it is just top notch.  If you don’t know who Bryce Brentz is yet, don’t worry as he will be a top 10 pick in this year’s draft.  I got to watch him play this summer and his hitting is amazing.  Someone compared him to Roy Hobbs, the fictional player from “The Natural”.  As he mashed 28 home runs, 73 RBIs and hit a national best 0.465.  One in every four of his hits was a home run.  His scouting report from the baseball cube:

Scouting Report
Power: 100
Batting: 87
Speed: 64
Contact: 60
Patience: 60
Control: 70
K-Rating: 48
Efficiency: 93
vsPower: 82

I have seen very few players have a power rating of 100, then even fewer with an efficiency rating of over 90.  I can tell you this, he eats up international and collegiate pitching.  I have no idea how he would do with breaking pitches, but he seemed to hammer the ball against all types of pitches when I saw him.  When asking scouts how they feel about him, they always say he’s top 5 or 10 for the draft.  I figured I would hop on board early and see how his career plays out.  The card was sent to MTSU athletic center.  Total time on this one was 2 weeks.


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  1. another great TTM conquest. Impressively attractive as always. Would you consider whipping one up for Brett Lawrie in the Brewers org. ? I have no photoshops.

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