At the end of last season, the Gints gave the 19 year old Bumgarner a taste of the big leagues with a September call-up. He had strict pitch counts but still was about to walk away with 12 innings of MLB work.

He was a near shoe in for the 5th spot in the Brians rotation. Unfortunately that is not coming to fruition. Instead he was send down to AAA San Jose earlier this week. His hope is to work on his velocity and his mechanics and be back up around June.

At only 20 years old this season, he will be entering his 3rd professional season. A career in which he has oinly lost 5 games in 48 starts. As he works on his delivery, don’t expect him to have great stats right away. He is going to have to do something to get the scouts noticing him again.

I think that whenever he gets his velocity back, look out because he could be every bit of dominant I still consider him one of the best prospects in the game. I think that this will be his last season in the minors and should compete for a middle of the rotation spot next season.

As far as his hobby value goes, he mamains one of the premium values on eBay. He is considered an elite prospect and with that distinction comes a hefty price tag. His autographed cards are going for between $25 – $50 for Topps and Upper Deck brands, and from $10 – $20 cards forcompanies like Just and Tri-STAR. WIth major league talent only a few months away, it might be time to buy a few and hold on to them.

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  1. todduncommon says:

    I’m also excited to see him make it to the major league club, and have a fantastic shot to be the best fifth starter on any MLB team. The Giants staff will be stoked with talent once he sticks.

    This card, though. It reminds me of the famous “torque face” post on Wax Heaven a little more than a couple years ago. I think it’s clearly one half voluntary grimace, and one half exertion / torque, if you ask me.

    Definitely not as much torque as this (starting around 1:35).

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