Up for grabs is another serial numbered insert and game used football cards.  Here is today’s question.

  • Who is the MLB pitcher who has the most wins of the last decade? (I was surprised when I found it out)

Submit your answer by Monday night.  All answers will be hidden until then.

Good Luck To All!!!!

Comment number 40 – Shue is the winner.  Thanks for everyone who played. Check back next Saturday for another contest.  Be sure to read each post as I will include the answer in my posts during the week.


58 responses »

  1. JOE says:

    Johan Santana

  2. Michael says:

    Andy Pettitte!

  3. Harry Prassakos says:

    Andy pettite

  4. Christopher Michael says:

    Assuming 2000-2009 as the decade it was Roy Halladay with 139.

  5. Steve says:

    Tim Hudson

  6. kevin says:

    Andy pettite sorry if I spelled it wrong

  7. RoofGod says:

    I’ll take Andy Pettite with 147 wins for the win.

  8. dave h says:

    Andy Pettitte, but I think it would have been Hudson if not for an injury last season.

  9. Play at the Plate says:

    Tim hudson.

  10. arfmax says:

    Andy Pettitte

  11. John says:

    Andy Pettitte

  12. Jeremy says:

    Andy Pettite

  13. Gabriel W says:

    Andy Pettitte

  14. Levi Rosenquist says:

    Andy Pettitte

  15. Swag says:

    Oh man I know this..
    Wanna say Andy Pettitte.

  16. max j says:

    i think it was Andy Pettitte but i am not sure

  17. ig4mer says:

    Andy Pettite via your clue

  18. Justin W. says:

    Andy Pettitte

  19. ny_hitman_23 says:

    My guess is Randy Johnson

  20. Dion Soskin says:

    Since you gave a gr8 hint i’ll go with Andy Petitte with 148. Thanks, Dion

  21. tomseaver says:

    I am going to “guess” Andy Petitte. By the way, I always read the free signings list and it has been very helpful to my collection.Thanks

  22. Andy Petitte

    interesting, a baseball question for a football prize. cool.

  23. bob h says:

    andy petite

  24. BJ says:

    Based on the hint, I would say Andy Pettite. Thanks for the contest.

  25. Steve-O says:

    Andy Pettitte

  26. Ummm…Andy Pettitte?

    *washes mouth out with soap*

  27. DeadHorse says:

    Andy Pettitte

  28. matthew stone says:

    Andy Pettite

  29. joey says:

    andy pettite

  30. Chris C. says:

    Andy Pettitte

  31. Dude says:

    Tim Hudson

  32. standardchuck says:

    Andy Pettitte (I got it from “The Daily Something” website…to give credit where it’s due)

  33. Chris S says:

    Andy Petitte

  34. joseph ennis says:

    andy pettitte

  35. Jonathan says:

    Andy Pettitte. That reading comprehension class paid off!

  36. Kenneth says:

    Andy Pettite

  37. David says:

    Andy Pettitte

  38. Shue says:

    Andy Pettitte – 148
    Excellent blog. Read it every day.

  39. Peter Izzo says:

    The pitcher with the most wins this past decade is Andy Pettite.

    Thanks for the great website

  40. howard kaplan says:

    The most wins between 2000-2009 is Andy Pettite 148

  41. Scott Jow says:

    andy pettitte with 148 wins

  42. Luke Wieneke says:

    Andy Pettite

  43. Alex says:

    Tim Hudson, 135.

  44. mmbinger says:

    Andy Pettitte. Thanks for the opportunity to win

  45. Cajun9201 says:

    My vote is Roy Oswalt. The Wizzard

  46. PunkRockPaint says:

    Andy Pettite… (He says without looking it up. Remembering something he read last week)

  47. Jimmy says:

    Andy pettitte

  48. Teddy says:

    I’m pretty sure its Tim Hudson

  49. Dunkin says:

    Andy Pettitte

  50. Drew says:

    Tim Hudson


  51. Tyler says:

    Randy Johnson

  52. Tom says:

    Andy Pettitte

  53. Matt says:

    Tim Hudson

    Thanks for the Contest!!!

  54. steve says:

    Tim Hudson.
    Great site!

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