For years the Philly faithful have been dying to unload Donovan McNabb. Mistakenly they all thought that he was the reason they only made one SUper Bowl Appearance and no Super Bowl wins in his tenure with the team. On Monday they got their wish as the Eagles sent McNabb packing to Washington DC for a 3rd rounder this year and a protected pick next year.

Now Eagles fans get what they wanted a new quarterback in untested Kevin Kolb. While I don’t think Kolb is a bad quarterback, he is unproven and this is a win now team. I just don’t see Kolb being able to put the team on his back and get them to contender status. Plus he will have an angry Michael Vick, ready to pounce into the starter’s role if allowed.

McNabb on the other hand, has a unique situation where he has decent running backs in Larry Johnson and Clinton Portis and a receiver who can stretch the field in Santana Moss. The offensive line needs some help as do the receiving corps. With the 4th pick in this upcoming draft, there are now some options that the Skins can work with. More than likely they will seek out a running back in the second round, and probably an OT in the first round. Look to be heavy on receivers in this draft as they try to get McNabb some help.

The Eagles on the other hand enter the season with an untested QB, RB and receiving corps. Although they do have the equivalent of two starting QBs, they lose the leadership of perhaps one of the league’s most versatile quarterbacks. McNabb for a long time has been a goat in this city. His inability to bring home a Super Bowl victory has haunted him in his entire career. In Washington he gets a fresh start which is what he needs.

As far as his cards go on eBay, his value depends a lot on the production run of the card. Cards with large production runs (as the card seen below) run from $25 – $35. While some of his high-end low production number cards might run into the $150 – $250 range. Either way, he should be considered a Hall of Fame QB although his resume might need a Super Bowl victory on it to get in.


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  2. Chris C. says:

    I think he did a ton of good for the Eagles. They always a had a winning season with him. I think Brent Clek will have a better season this year, as Kolb’s number 2 reciever and the Redskins will have at least 10 wins.

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