Chris Young is only 26 but he has already been forgotten in a team who’s biggest stars are Justin Upton, Mark Reynolds, and Stephen Drew.  Over the past three seasons he has put up power and RBIs, but what he has never been able to do is to hit for average.  He has all the tools to be a threat, but his average has always suffered.

One of the ideas I am a big believer of is that most players don’t hit their performance peak until they turn 26 or 27.  Before that age, they might show some glimmer of certain traits but not all of them.  I believe this is the season, Young becomes the five tool player he was destined to become.  He may not be able to generate the speed he once did, but he will begin hitting for better average and power.  He has already showed some flashes of that this year.

Yesterday he led the Diamondbacks with a three run homer to propel the Diamondbacks ahead of the Pirates and start a 13 run inning.  This year he should be capable of hitting over 0.260 with 25 homers and 80 RBIs and nearly 20 stolen bases.  I think that would be a nice average statline for him over the course of his career, with possibly an average over 0.270 at some point.

I think that his career has been overlooked, and what that means is his autographed cards have also been overlooked.  On eBay most of his cards run about $2 – $5.  The card below can be had for 4 bucks.  I think his cards are very undervalued and should be considered.  After all isn’t 26 when Carlos Quentin also went on a tear?  I think we might be looking at the same thing with Chris Young this season.  Most improved player maybe? What do you think?


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