Being an alumni of the University of Arizona, you would think that being a fan of an Arizona State Sun Devil would just not work.  The thing is though, I thought that Ike might have been the top of the class of the 2008 draft.  He started out a little cold in rookie ball, but he had a tremendous season last year splitting time with St. Lucie and Binghamton.  His flying out of the gate in AAA Buffalo sealed the deal for him, and the Mets could wait no longer.  He was called up and his first game was last night.

In college he was a Golden Spikes Finalist when he hit 0.386/16/76.  Prompting the Mets to use their 18th overall pick in the 2008 draft.  In rookie ball he hit 0.256/0/17 in just a little over 200 at bats.  He was obviously tired from a full season of college ball and it showed.  He worked hard over the winter and came to Spring Training ready to show why he was a first round draft pick.  He split time between Port St. Lucie and Binghamton and hit to the tune of 0.298/20/71.

With an ailing David Murphy at first base and now on the mend, the Mets had nothing to lose by bringing up Ike and seeing what he can do with major league pitching.  His biggest problem is his propensity to strikeout, however if he shows that he can hit the ball, he would fit very nicely in the top of the Mets lineup, being protected by David Wright.  It’s make or break time for Ike, if he opens up on fire, David Murphy would have to take a back seat to Ike.

As far as his hobby value goes, his signed cards are running in th $20- $30 range.  It is hard to judge where his value should be, because if he flops, it will plummet, but if he comes out rocking then look for his card to blow up even more than what it’s currently running at.  The card below went for $30 and I consider it one of my favorites of his autographed cards.  Even though he is an ASU alumni I’ll still root for him, maybe it’s the Pac-10 fan in me.


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  1. tomseaver says:

    As a huge Mets fan, I’m glad to see the team bring Davis up. He did well in his first game but looked bewildered by a few curves in one at bat. He gives us Mets fans somebody to root for in what looks like another down season. I LIKE IKE! LETS GO METS!

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