I have decided that every Thursday I will post any through the mail autographs I get back.  Three through the mail autographs came back over the past week.  All three were sent care of team.

Jeremy Hellickson

I really do love how these customs came out.  I only wish that the athletes would sign on the white block.  It’s all good though as long as I get them back.  This one took a remarkable 4 days.  Of course it helps that it was an in town autograph, being that Jeremy is on the Durham Bulls.  I also sent out a request to Desmond Jennings, we will have to see how that one goes.  Hellickson is certainly an up and coming pitcher and should end up on the Tampa roster soon enough.

Gordon Beckham

This is an older custom of mine.  I did this one on cover stack so essentially it’s like he’s signing a thicker sheet of paper.  It took Gordon about 7 months to send this one back.  However I have to give him a little slack, I sent this towards the end of the season to Chicago, so he may not have gotten it until this April.  Gordon is an excellent through the mail signer and I highly recommend sending out some customs to him as I think he’s going to be a major leaguer for a while.

Victor Hedman

I didn’t have high hopes for this one, but he sent it back.  Nearly 8 months after I sent it to him (notice the Sweeden Modo uniform).  He had not even taken a photo in a Lightening uniform when I sent it out.  Like a lot of players, he waited until the end of the season to send back the TTM requests, which I totally understand.  He had himself a great rookie season and the Lightening are poised to become one of the more elite teams in the league.  Hedman is a defensive-man, but don’t let that fool you he is excellent from the point and grinds in the corners when needed.

Until next Thursday, I hope all your mailboxes are full.

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  1. That’s cool that you got Hedman back. I have heard from some others who have tried in person that he kind of snubs people when it comes to signing. Good stuff.

  2. Drew says:

    Dude, if you could make me a Hellickson custom I would really appreciate it! The Renegades are one of my local teams so I would love to get one of them signed with the uni on! Email me at yanks1996wsc@gmail.com and LMK if you can. Thanks, Drew

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