I decided that on Friday I would work on my 2010 NFL draft set.  I think this one came out real well.  I started with pick number one, Sam Bradford.



I went with a simple design in the front, so that I can send it out for a through the mail autograph or I can put a piece of jersey / memorabilia in the card.  I plan on making cards for a few select players for myself, if you want one made for you of a specific player let me know.  I am curious what you think, give me some feedback on this one.

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  1. Jimmy Tran says:

    I like the design, very clean like you said. One thing I would change is the “Sam Bradford of the St. Louis Rams’ portion. I think the first line is fine with Sam Bradford, but I’m not sure about the second line with the “of the” portion. I think you might be better off with something like “QB – #14” or “QB – Draft Pick #1”. Just a thought. Thanks. I wouldnt mind if you could make one of Taylor Mays, i’m a huge Niners fan. Thanks.

  2. Anthony says:

    Nice looking cards…. if possible, I would like these done up

    Ear Thomas Texas/Seahawks
    LaMarr Houston Texas/Raiders
    Sergio Kindle Texas/Ravens
    Roddrick Muckelroy Texas/Bengals
    Colt McCoy Texas/Browns
    Jordan Shipley Texas/Bengals
    Emmanuel Sanders SMU/Pittsburgh

  3. Laurie says:

    Hey card looks good, couple things:
    1. Sam should be in crimson not whites.
    2. Sam changed his number to 8 for the Rams
    not sure why, but oh well.
    Other than that…..looks really good, can’t wait for Sammy B. to start playing

  4. Scott says:

    the card looks awesome, how much would one cost to custom make? i love reading your posts!

  5. Matt Carey says:

    Really like your card design. Alot better than the stuff you get in packs. Great job.

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