Last year, all we heard about is how amazing David Price was going to be.  Well, he started out in AAA and by the time he got to the majors it was too late for the Rays.  He did well last year in the second half of the season, however he was mostly forgotten as the Rays finished out of the playoff race.

This year, it’s a refocused Rays team who is riding high with a 14-5 record.  Yesterday, David Price pitched a complete game gem.  It will undoubtedly re-spark interest in his cards.  So far this season Price has put up a 3-1 record with a 2.20 ERA and 25 strikeouts in his 4 starts.  Yesterday he just looked masterful, everything was just popping and hitting all the right spots on the plate.

In his other three starts, he has looked up and down, an ugly win against the Yanks, solid against the Orioles, but a terrible lose to the White Sox made me think that we are going to see more of the same for Price.  With this last outing, I have to think that he is now pitching with some confidence and that he is finally comfortable against major league hitting.

The world of eBay is shows a wide range of prices for his cards.  Anywhere from $15 – $150, depending on the level of release and population of the card.  The card below is one of his expensive cards, it recently went for almost $200.   I always have a problem paying big bucks for pitchers, just because of their propensity to fall apart as they approach 32.  The AL East should look out because Price is going to be tough to hit over the next few seasons.


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