A few weeks ago my contact at Creative Cardboard Concepts asked if I could put up a promo for the upcoming Ringside Boxing – Round One release.  As many of you know this set has been in the making for nearly 9 months now and in June it is set to be released.  I decided to hold off until I got some product in hand to review.  Yesterday to my surprise I received a set of promotional cards to review.  I  have to say I was fairly surprised since I knew the release was pretty far off.

So I got 7 cards to review all were on very thick (cardboard blocker) stock.  I don’t think that the regular cards will be this thick, it was just for promotional purposes.  A picture of all the cards I received are below:

There will be two versions of the product, a very limited KO version and a wider released TKO version.  Here is the product breakdown:

KO Version
Each box of the KO Version contains two hard-signed autograph cards and one authentic fight-worn memorabilia card or 1/1 insert.

Each KO Version box also contains 12 Ringside Boxing – Round One base cards and 3 Mecca Turkey Red inserts. The KO Version will be the only version where collectors can find parallels of the base cards (gold and onyx) and the parallels of the Mecca Turkey Red inserts (gold and onyx). In addition, each box of the KO Version will contain one limited edition base card.

Only 2,500 numbered KO Version boxes will be produced. They will be packaged in 10-box cases.

TKO Version
The TKO Version is packaged in 10 box cases with 10 packs per box.  Each pack contains four cards.

The odds of pulling inserts in a box of the TKO Version are:

  • Hard-Signed Autographs: one in two boxes on average.
  • Authentic Fight-Worn Memorabilia: one in two boxes on average.
  • Mecca Turkey Red Inserts: 1-2 in each box on average.
  • Limited Edition Base Card: 1 in two boxes on average

Overall I really like the cards, all except the weigh-in subset, the designs are fresh and I really love the idea of a boxing only set.  Something the sport needs desperately.  With MMA taking over the fighting scene, boxing needs something to brig it back into the spotlight it once enjoyed.  The hard signed card and the event worn cards can be seen below.  What I like about the releases is usually the event used items are very unique.  As far as the hard signed cards, I am always a fan of that!  With some many great boxers in this release, it’s going to be chuck full of amazing signatures, including cut signatures that I am waiting to get a checklist of.  I would definitely like to review the final product when it comes out, but for now I’ll settle with the promo cards.

Jake LaMotta AutographRay Mancini Single Memorabilia

Contest Time:

Like everything I get I give away, and these promo cards are no different.  The 7 shown in the box above will be given away for free, all I want to know from you was, what was your all time favorite fight.  For me it’s easy Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Meldrick Taylor, where Chavez scored a TKO with only seconds remaining in the bout (the only way he could have won the fight).  That’s mine, now what’s yours?


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  1. AdamE says:

    There are so many great fights to choose from but I’ll go with Hagler – Hearns. It was short but brutal.

  2. Scott says:

    mine is marvellous hagler vs. thomas hearns, the opening round was awesome

  3. ig4mer says:

    I only started watching boxing in the 90’s and one of my favorite boxers was KO machine David Tua.

    Recently he face Shane Cameron after hiatus in the sport. He was quite dominate knocking he opponent I believe twice in the first and finish it early in the second. It wasn’t exactly a classic everyone remembers but it was the fight that really got me back to boxing.

  4. tomseaver says:

    Arturro Thunder Gatti vs. Irish Mickey Ward 1 was an absolute war. Two great champions pounding the crap out of each other. Gatti was one of my all time favorites. RIP Champ.

  5. Hmm…favorite fight – Probably Leonard v. Duran 1 since it was the first major fight I ever saw on live TV way back in the day. I expected Leonard to prevail, but good old Stone Hands won the day.

  6. polishgooner says:

    Mine is Ali and Frazier in the thrilla in Manila. How can you not say this one?

  7. Chris Hynes says:

    Tommy ‘The Duke’ Morrison vs Razor Ruddock. Tommy with the HUGE comeback!

  8. Dion Soskin says:

    Being from outside Philadelphia and 9-10 years old at the time this was the biggest fight of all-time Ali-Frazier The thilla in Manila!!!!!! To bad Frazier couldn’t win it. Great Contest!

  9. Corky says:

    One of the first fights I watched with my dad is still one of my favorites, it was the Marvelous Marvin Hagler versus Roberto Duran fight in 1983. An evenly matched fight that went the distance and Hagler won on points.

    A more recent fight that has made it to my favorites list was the Pacquiao versus Cotto last year. Cotto put up a hell of a fight but towards the end was a whipping dog for Pacman. Cotto’s wife and son actually left the arena in like the 9th or 10th Round because Cotto was taking a beating.

  10. Mike Deak says:

    When I think of big-time fights, I can’t help but think of Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson. At the time, Tyson was unstoppable, and no one on the planet seemed to be in his league. Douglas comes along and shocks the world, I still have our local paper from the next day with the headline ‘Tyson KO’ed by Douglas!’

  11. Jacob says:

    My favorite all time fight was Ali v Frazier thrilla in manila. What a battle that was

  12. Tim says:

    Arguello v Escalera. Arguello won the title from Escalera in Puerto Rico. Alexis had a lot of battles, but I pick this fight because it was the first big one. I was fortunate to meet him several years ago and he was a genuinely nice person who endured a lot in his life. I hope the day comes that it’s shown he didn’t take his own life.

  13. Klitschko says:

    Who do you think will win?

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